The Three Lions - England national football team 's journey



If we talk about the oldest football in the world today, no football can take the throne of England football. Each country will have its own colors and ways of developing football, and of course, each country will also form its own fan base. But for England football alone, the number of fans from all over the world is truly uncountable. This is enough to prove how great the attraction of football in the foggy country is. That’s why every time the British football team competes in prestigious arenas around the world, they will always create a huge influence. In addition to its rich history, football is also known for its diverse tactics, beautiful gameplay, and the most prestigious seasons in the world. The England football championship tournament, although only taking place within the internal framework of the country, is always watched by millions of fans throughout the year. If you are also a fan of England and its heroic football, please refer to the information about the England team in the article below.

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General information about the England national football team


The England football team is currently known as one of the strongest teams in the world. Their strength is reflected in countless achievements as well as the history of the greatest football in Europe. The England football team represents the whole of England to participate in all competitions, big and small, of international stature. They represent national pride and represent the glorious history of football. The team under that governing body is the English Football Association. All activities of this team are under the control of the largest governing body, which is FIFA. England is the earliest established team in football history, they made their world debut at the same time as Scotland in 1872. But to talk about the official match of this team, we have to go back to 2 years earlier, that is the time when England officially appeared in front of fans in the match against Scotland.

Because it was one of the earliest teams to appear, the England team naturally had a high appreciation for the quality and squad at that time, but in reality, they could not reach many achievements as expected by the fans. In 1906, the England team decided to join FIFA to expand the scale of their matches, this is the time when they really experienced the feeling of tracking scores with other European countries. However, in 1928, the England team and the FIFA World Football Federation were entangled in unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings, leading to the British team’s departure from FIFA, resulting in the country’s team not participating in the World Cups until 1950. A few years later, due to the lack of clear separation between the teams of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the British team missed the Olympic appointment. It can be seen that the history of England football does not have a seamless development like other countries, however, up to the present time, the England national football team is really proving the strength of the team as a top European champion. Here are some basic facts about this team:


  • Name: England national football team
  • Nickname: The Three Lions
  • Association: England Football Association (FA)
  • Confederation: European Football Federation (UEFA)
  • Head Coach: Gareth Southgate
  • Captain: Harry Kane
  • Most played player: Peter Shilton
  • Top scorer: Wayne Rooney
  • Stadium: Wembley Stadium
  • FIFA Code: ENG

England national football team’s journey through the World Cups

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England’s journey through the World Cups can be seen as a beautiful journey of this team. They are rarely eliminated from the group stage and are always present in important rounds, in which this team has once been crowned the highest of the World Cup. Referring to the England team every World Cup season is referring to an extremely strong opponent and a potential candidate for the championship trophy. England’s style of play is tight control of the ball, so they always control the rhythm of the game and make the opponent frustrated. That is also the usual style of the England team throughout the World Cup. English football is always towards perfection and professionalism, that’s why in any domestic tournament, fans can easily watch the high-class confrontations and witness the talents of the players. famous footballer. The World Cup is quite a difficult playground for England, but the more difficult it is, the more people want to try and try, and so is the England team, they are trying every day to be able to become the best team in the world. champion the song chart of the moment. Let’s take a look at some memorable stages of England’s results through the World Cups.

  • World Cup 1966

As mentioned above, there were serious problems between England and FIFA and it was impossible to find a common voice. That’s why England decided to give up FIFA and all conflicts really ended in 1950. That period was a difficult time for the England team when they could not participate in the competition with the teams. the same continent and they especially could not appear in the World Cup. Therefore, the World Cup in 1966 was the first World Cup of the foggy country and also the World Cup that left the strongest mark in the hearts of English football fans. At that time, the British team fought bravely and won against the strong West German team to win the championship trophy. Although the goal that sealed the final victory of the British team at that time created a big controversy between the fans of the two countries. However, the victory has been announced and this is the only victory of the British team so far.

  • World Cup in 1974 and World Cup in 1978

For the next 12 years in a row, the England team had to receive extremely sad results when they could not raise the championship trophy for another year. Not only that, but the former champion was also easily eliminated in the group stage by teams that were much lower in level. This makes the fans lose faith in the team because, after 12 years, the results still have not had a positive change.

  • World Cup in 1982 and World Cup in 1986

Fans continued to hope for changes to the England team after 4 years of waiting, but they also wasted their efforts. The England team played very badly and was eliminated in the group stage at the 1982 World Cup. Before the long slide in the series of defeats, in the 1986 World Cup, the British team really changed and made the teams. The other team must be surprised. The proof is that they easily reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup that year and only succumbed to the genius player Diego Maradona of the Argentina team. However, with such results, fans continue to have reasons to believe and wait for the next victories of the British team.

  • World Cup 1990

Following the positive results of the previous World Cups, the 1990 World Cup was also one of the most memorable World Cups for England. In this World Cup, the England team excellently reached the semi-finals and met a strong opponent who had faced them many times before, which was the West German team. Although still losing to the strength of the West German team again, the England team has proven that they are gradually regaining their form and never miss the important rounds of the World Cup.

  • World Cup 1994

After 4 years after the memorable semi-final, the England team continued to fail in the group stage and was unfortunately eliminated. They played in a very superficial way and did not keep the strong squad as before, after the painful defeat of England, the team’s head coach also received a lot of criticism.

  • World Cup 1998

England continued to struggle through the group stage and after winning a ticket to the World Cup final, they, unfortunately, lost to Argentina in the round of 16. The most memorable moment in the tournament that year was probably when the former most famous player in the world David Beckham was shown a red card.

  • World Cup 2002, 2006, and 2010

In the 2002 World Cup, England continued to meet a very difficult opponent, the Argentina team in the group stage, however, they quickly made Argentina say goodbye to the tournament with the victory of the player David Beckham. Surely this will help him relieve the pressure from the World Cup four years ago. By the 2006 World Cup, England continued to reach the round of 16 of the strongest teams, however, throughout the journey to the prestigious trophy, this team did not have the best performance. Therefore, after meeting Portugal, they had to stop at the World Cup when the Portuguese team won the penalty shootout. By the 2010 World Cup, when they had just passed the group stage, the British team had to play against the German team – an opponent that was too familiar to them, and in that match, the England team was eliminated. Not only that, with the score of 1-4, this is too disparate and makes the fans extremely disappointed.

  • World Cup 2014

Continues to be a World Cup that England will not want to remember. In this World Cup, England was eliminated from the group stage. Notably, they lost in a row the first series of matches in the group stage. This made fans feel surprised and expressed concerns about the future of England football.

  • World Cup 2018

In the most recent World Cup in Russia, the British team had a spectacular comeback when defeating a series of strong teams and going straight to the semi-finals. Despite the defeat against the defending runner-up, the Croatian team, at that time, fans, as well as experts, appreciated the England team’s ability to compete.

This year, the England team will continue to be on the list of potential candidates for the championship title. Not only that, right from the World Cup qualifiers to winning tickets to Qatar, the British team had a lot of luck when their group was full of much lower-rated teams, namely those that have not yet been able to play. strong development of football background. Therefore, the England team easily got consecutive victories against rivals Albania, Hungary, San Marino, Andora, and Poland. The confrontation in the group stage this time is too lucky for England, they may have encountered more fearsome opponents like Germany, France, Croatia, or Portugal, but fortunately, they escaped. strong teams. This makes the fans believe in the luck from the very beginning of the foggy country team. Not only that, in their squad there are very strong players who have had many years of experience in major tournaments such as Harry Kane, Sterling, etc. England has entered the World Cup final, promising dating fans for high-class confrontations in Qatar later this year.

England squad for the World Cup

The England squad is a collection of the most expensive signings from famous clubs in the world. Not only that, the England team is gradually rejuvenating the squad, so the last matches of the Nations League are helping them to have certain tests with young players and promise to create many mutations at the World Cup. this year. In the latest summons list announced by coach Gareth Southgate, MU duo Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho still do not present for different reasons. Many fans are also feeling quite worried about this absence.

Meanwhile, Brentford striker Ivan Toney was called up for the first time against Italy and Germany. The striker in good form of AS Roma, Tammy Abraham, was also present. Tottenham star Eric Dier returns to the squad for the first time in two years, alongside struggling Harry Maguire at MU. However, Tyrone Mings is absent.

The following is a detailed list of players in the England squad for the 2022 World Cup group stage:

  • Nick Pope (born 1992, Newcastle goalkeeper)
  • Aaron Ramsdale (1998, goalkeeper, Arsenal)
  • Dean Henderson (1997, goalkeeper, Nottingham Forest)
  • Kyle Walker (1990, defender, Manchester City)
  • John Stones (1994, defender, Manchester City)
  • Harry Maguire (1993, defender, Manchester United)
  • Eric Dier (1994, defender, Tottenham)
  • Kieran Trippier (1990, defender, Newcastle)
  • Luke Shaw (1995, defender, Manchester United)
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold (1998, defender, Liverpool)
  • Ben Chilwell (1996, defender, Chelsea)
  • Reece James (1999, defender, Chelsea)
  • Conor Coady (1993, defender, Everton)
  • Fikayo Tomori (1997, defender, Milan)
  • Marc Guehi (2000, defender, Crystal Palace)
  • Declan Rice (1999, midfielder, West Ham)
  • Mason Mount (1999, midfielder, Chelsea)
  • Kalvin Phillips (1995, midfielder, Manchester City)
  • Jude Bellingham (2003, midfielder, Borussia Dortmund)
  • James Ward-Prowse (1994, midfielder, Southampton)
  • Raheem Sterling (1994, striker, Chelsea)
  • Harry Kane (1993, striker, Tottenham)
  • Jack Grealish (1995, striker, Manchester City)
  • Bukayo Saka (2001, striker, Arsenal)
  • Phil Foden (2000, striker, Manchester City)
  • Tammy Abraham (1997, striker, Roma)
  • Jarrod Bowen (1996, striker, West Ham)
  • Ivan Toney (1996, striker, Brentford)

Outstanding achievements of the England national football team

Thành tích nổi bật đội tuyển Anh đã đạt được

  • World Champion: 1

Champion: 1966

Fourth place: 1990, 2018

  • European Championship: 0

Third place: 1968

Semi-final: 1996

  • UEFA Nations League: 0

Third place: UEFA Nations League 2018–19

The prestigious awards of the British team

  • FIFA World Cup

1st place, gold medalist(s) Champions: 1966

  • UEFA European Championship
  • UEFA European Championship

2nd place, silver medalist(s) Runners-up: 2020

3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Third place: 1968

  • UEFA Nations League

3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Third place: 2019

  • British Home Championship

1st place, gold medalist(s) Champions (54): (including 20 shared)

  • Rous Cup

1st place, gold medalist(s) Champions: 1986, 1988, 1989

  • FIFA World Cup Fair Play Trophy

1st place, gold medalist(s) Champions: 1990, 1998

  • Exhibition tournaments

England Challenge Cup: 1991

Tournoi de France: 1997

FA Summer Tournament: 2004

England’s participation in tournaments

World Cup

UEFA European Championship

UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations League

Frequently asked questions

As mentioned in the journey of the England team at the World Cups, the British team won the World Cup only once in 1966. This is quite a disadvantage for the England team when they missed a few World Cups before due to conflicts with the FIFA Football Federation. Therefore, the team did not really have the opportunity to participate in international competitions too much and because of that, they had many difficulties when returning to the biggest tournament on the planet

England is the team with the largest total value of any football team today, estimated at nearly $ 1.44 billion. The reason for this huge value is that the British team has the longest history of formation among the teams and every tournament held in England attracts the attention and fans of millions of people around the world. gender.

The current England head coach is Gareth Southgate. He is a former England midfielder and he has held the role of head coach of this team from 2016 to the present.

The best players of the current England team are Harry Kane, Luke Shaw, Mason Mount, Phil Foden, and Raheem Sterling. These players are all playing for big clubs in the world such as Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City, and play pivotal roles in those teams. They joined these clubs with the most expensive signings in the history of football clubs around the world.

The answer is that the British team has never won the European Championship. This is extremely sad for a strong and historic team. They only won 3rd place in 1968 and 1996.