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128% first deposit bonus The highest giveaway! 5,000,000 VND at Vwin, there are always more than 30 promotions on all betting products and fields that the dealer always offers. There are recurring and permanent promotions such as welcome new players, cashbacks, cashbacks. There are promotions corresponding to events with billions of dollars in casino tournaments or sporting events. Interesting like Euro, C1, World Cup every month Vwin will always update and update new promotions to create something new for players to bet on.


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The popular promotion today128% first deposit bonus The highest giveaway! 5,000,000 VND 

How much you deposit, get more bets! Pick a winner for each product!

Terms and Conditions

3. Members can receive this bonus only 1 time.

5. This bonus must be received and made a minimum deposit first. will receive bonus money which members can receive at the receive bonus page

Example of receiving a sports bonus: Deposit 1,000 VND x 128% = Member receives a bonus of 1,280 .

Total Turnover = (Deposit 1,000 VND + Bonus 1,280 ) x Turnover 12 = 27,360 

6. During the promotion Members cannot bet per bill more than the deposit amount and the first 2 bills total wagered must not exceed the deposit amount.

7. Members have to wager and rollover on the slot page only. If a member places a bet on another page during the bonus claim, Vwin reserves the right to cancel the bonus.

8. Rollover will be calculated based on bets made on Vwin web (Tie Result, Equal Point Bets, Dog Races, Horse Races, Number Games, Virtual Games. Special bets, including bills with decimal values ​​under -0.7 or 1.70, bets on casino games such as fishing, in the Treasure Island room. Bronco Spirit (PP), Golden Beauty (PP), Hood vs Wolf (PG), Gem Savior (PG), Summon & Conquer (PG), Legion Hot1 (YGG) slots bets will not be taken into account. this promotion) 

9. If the account has a related account that has already claimed this bonus. Members will not be able to receive this bonus again.

10. The system will automatically remove the turn balance. If the member has a balance of less than or equal to 20 , there are no outstanding bills and no bonuses are pending.

11.  This promotion is subject to Vwin’s terms and conditions. Click for more details.

How to apply for the promotion:

Members must click to receive the promotion on the page ‘Deposit’ > ‘Want to receive bonus’.

Members will receive bonus immediately upon successful deposit.

Why choose Vwin to bet on the World Cup?

Vwin khuyen mai

There are many reasons for you to choose Vwin as your betting address for the upcoming World Cup season. Vwin has a wide range of betting rooms, however, sports betting remains the main and most interesting betting product in the house. Since its inception, Vwin has always insisted on being a quality sportsbook with top-notch betting products.

3 quality World Cup betting rooms

At Vwin there are 3 sports rooms where you can bet on the World Cup. These 3 match rooms are in partnership with today’s leading gaming providers to guarantee the best quality and intense sports betting.

  • i-Sports: Diversified and Rich with lots of bets and a simple and scientific playing interface.
  • Sbobet-Sports : Bet like a pro with the hottest World Cup bets and super attractive bonus odds.
  • BTi-Sports: Offers many different betting levels on each match. Helping players get the most suitable options for their players.

Many promotions for betting on the World Cup especially

One of the advantages of Vwin is its extremely attractive promotions. In addition to regular promotions, Vwin always wins special promotions at important events, including promotions for the World Cup season. World Cup such as match score bonus bets Bonus Parlay…

In addition, players will find quite familiar promotions such as welcome promotions. cashback promotion Cashback Promotion… Promotion at Vwin has a lot of cash and prizes.

attractive odds

When comparing Vwin with other bookmakers You will find the odds at Vwin extremely attractive. It is very competitive compared to other bookmakers. Each World Cup is guided by the hosts with a wide variety of different types of bets.

  • In addition to the basic bet types shown on the table are Asian, European, Over and Under, there are also other bet types. Many more in the first half, second half or the whole match, such as shake bets, score bets, corner bets …
  • Offers pre-betting and in-play bets. It offers a truly immersive experience with every bet.
  • Chance to get rich by betting on the World Cup. Vwin guarantees bonus payout immediately after betting, no matter how big the stake is.
  • LOW MINIMUM BET LIMIT Suitable for all gamblers especially new players There is also a very high maximum bet limit. This allows players to bet like leading professionals.

Function to watch live, online matches

With its state-of-the-art technology platform, Vwin supports live viewing where punters can directly enjoy the World Cup matches and place bets as soon as the match takes place with in-match betting support. to the player Allows players to bet and release their bets as quickly as possible. Livestream function is quite smooth, HD quality is clear.


Based on the above information, Vwin is believed to be the No. 1 online betting address for the 2022 World Cup season, with what Vwin aims and offers its players betting. Players will definitely have a season. Bet on the most memorable World Cup at this prestigious club. bookie