What future for Liverpool when players have consecutive injuries?

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The question of Liverpool’s future when the main players of this team are constantly injured is receiving special attention from fans. The race for the championship trophy is becoming extremely tense when the Premier League has gradually closed its final laps, this is the time when teams should speed up and try to get as many points as possible, but also this period is a dangerous time if the players are so focused on chasing results that they forget about their health and fitness. The proof is that Liverpool when most recently their talented player Robertson was left on the field due to injury, this is also when this club and Jurgen Klopp began to worry about their future and their ranking among the world’s strongest teams.

The number of injuries is constantly increasing

liverpool player injury

Right from the beginning of the season, Liverpool has received a series of bad news, the veteran and key players of this club have in turn had to temporarily leave the field to treat their injuries. This makes Liverpool lose hope from the fans that they will avenge Man City and become the champion of the Premier League this year. At this transfer summer, Liverpool is famous for being the most exciting trading team, the team’s management spends a lot of money on famous names to perfect the squad and show burning ambition to be the king of the tournament. As soon as the famous striker Sadio Mane left, Liverpool was actively looking for suitable names to replace them, Liverpool was not really too worried about the defensive formation when they had monsters. defend the goal like Virgil van Dijk or Trent Alexander-Arrnold. But the attack must be completed immediately to face the former champion Manchester City. Therefore, this summer, Liverpool really surprised experts and fans when they successfully recruited Darwin Nunez for the highest price in history, this is enough to prove to the club How much this department expects the Uruguayan player and wants to win.

However, their ambition is bursting like a bubble when one of the best players is injured. The number of Liverpool’s injured players is even more than a team and enough to form a perfect squad on the field. This is certainly not desirable, but compared to the level of injuries with other clubs, Liverpool is indeed unlucky. In every position of defense or attack, this club has injured players, until yesterday, when Robertson was on the pitch, there were consecutive Thiago, Joel Matip, Ibrahima Konate, Curtis Jones, Diogo Jota, Kostas Tsimikas, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Calvin Ramsey, and Caoimhin Kelleher must be suspended from competition and receive long-term treatment. In this situation, Jurgen Klopp is really hard to laugh at when all the players for him to arrange and deploy his philosophy and tactics are not present. A coach, no matter how talented, can hardly manage in this situation, when his pieces have all been neutralized on the chessboard.

What is the future for Liverpool?

Tương lai nào cho Liverpool

Injuries are inevitable when playing, especially for a competitive sport like football. What does Jurgen Klopp have in mind and does he have any solution to save Liverpool’s weak squad right now? Will he say anything to reassure international football fans and will Liverpool lose fans’ expectations of losing the title again? Previously, Jurgen Klopp has affirmed that the fact that his team’s players are too injured is not the end of Liverpool’s future, he thinks that there are still suitable alternatives. transfer contracts. In fact, the story of consecutive injury pillars is not a happy thing, but it is a good opportunity for rookies to receive more attention and attention.

Not only that, there will also be more places to show off their skills and prove to the fans that they are worth the money Liverpool have spent. The proof is Darwin Nunez, although he did not leave an impression and was even criticized on his first day with the club, but until now, the Uruguayan striker has really caught up and Once integrated into the team, he confidently showcased his exceptional abilities on the pitch and delivered spectacular goals that delighted the coaching staff and fans alike. Robertson’s injury is also an example, Klopp favors Robertson because of the stability of this defender throughout the past many seasons. But perhaps he needs to let Tsimikas play more to create a new wind on the left corridor. The Scottish defender’s injury also opens the door for the former Olympiacos star to return to the starting lineup.

However, if the key players do not recover soon and return to the team, Liverpool in the near future will really face many difficulties. Everyone knows the intensity of Jurgen Klopp’s training when he led Liverpool, he is known as a strict coach and emphasizes training at high intensity. When the Premier League is entering the final stage, it is also when the 2022 World Cup officially begins, the players will tend to preserve their strength, they will still play devotedly but will try not to get injured, because After the Premier League, they have a further destination that is the World Cup. But to regain the championship from Man City, Liverpool must train more intensely, even stronger, so their injury will definitely continue to happen.

Not only that, the fact that the pillars of the team constantly have to say goodbye to the tournament will affect the psychology of the remaining players in the team, they will likely feel depressed, lack of effort, and don’t feel confident when they lose a teammate with whom they can best fit together. These are the challenges Liverpool will face before discussing how to organize the squad, and deploy the play and tactical thinking to defeat the former champion and claim the highest title.

Let’s wait and see in the coming games, how Liverpool will change and correct the squad, and let’s hope that they will be able to control the situation, know how to rise in difficulties, and still hold on high ranking in the English Premier League football rankings.