Qatar 2022 World Cup jerseys

The 2022 World Cup has come to a close to getting ready for the day when millions of football fans from all over the world gather for the biggest football festival on the planet. Qatar is the venue that has the honor of hosting the World Cup, at the end of this year, this country will welcome 32 football teams representing 32 countries with the most lost football and the whole world will be joined. Admire the fierce, fierce competition to win the championship trophy. Right from this moment, any move of the 32 national teams is enough to become a topic of discussion and concern for fans. Prominent among them is the theme of the jerseys of the teams that will attend this year. In this article, let’s learn about the jerseys of the 32 teams that are going to Qatar to understand more about the messages that countries want to send to fans at the World Cup.

The message is conveyed through the shirt

Usually, the jerseys of each team are designed quite sophisticatedly and contain their own messages. As for the club-level leagues, they always change the shirt designs every time a new season starts. In football, the skill or class of the players is extremely important, but besides that, the players still need to pay attention to their image in front of the fans, and this is usually the case. reflected in their jerseys in each of the different seasons. Coming to this 2022 World Cup, the design and selection of jerseys are especially focused because this is how the teams bring to fans around the world their distinctive image and pride. of their country. Usually, each team’s jersey will have a color and image representing a certain meaning, or simply a variation from the color of the national flag of each country. The World Cup arena is not only a place for national teams to compete, but it is also a place for teams to bring their country’s culture and traditions and introduce them to international friends. Let’s take a look at the jerseys of the national teams participating in this year’s World Cup.


The unique collection of jerseys of the teams in the 2022 World Cup

The colors of the French team through the World Cup seasons are always remembered with dark blue. Dark blue is the main color of the French team, it was this blue that covered the entire Russian stadium four years ago before the French team officially won the championship trophy. This year, as soon as the French national team’s shirt design was announced, fans once again had more faith in their team’s crowning position. France is still in the same dark blue color as the previous World Cup, which proves that they still want to save the precious moments of 4 years ago, the motifs on the shirt are not sophisticated and are imprinted. The two sides of the shirt are the symbol of the French rooster and the logo of the sponsor Nike. In the center of the chest is the emblem of the French Football Federation.



The Mexican Football Federation has launched this national team’s jersey for the 2022 World Cup and received enthusiastic support from the fans. This year, the Mexican shirt will be the main color and white and red, with red veins sketching the typical images of ancient Mexican culture. The Mexican Football Federation has emphasized that this is a shirt that represents the origin, history and culture of this country. This shirt will be combined with green pants and red socks, bringing a colorful and vivid Mexico country image in the eyes of international friends.



The candidate for this year’s World Cup title, the German team, has also announced the latest shirt model, according to which Germany remains loyal to the white shirt. This is the color that has been associated with the German national team as well as the German football scene since the first days of participating in the World Cup. In any tournament, their shirt color is the same, this year, the only change is that this shirt color will be combined with black stripes on the shoulders. With black pants and white socks, the German players look like real soldiers on the field.


Tây Ban Nha

Spain’s national team is more about sports than areas like culture, history or core traditions, so this year’s shirt they bring to the World Cup 2022 is inspired by the World Cup. Cup in 1982, when Spain was the host country to host. With light blue and white colors, Spain this year promises to recreate the glorious moments of football in the past.



Argentina has never intended to change the color of their shirt, they have always remained loyal to the blue mixed with white, this is the color of the national flag of Argentina and shows the extremely noble national pride of the land. this country. However, with the away kit, Argentina chose purple, this is the first striking and colorful color that this country chose, it brings a meaningful message, that is fight for a gender-equal society.


Contrary to the teams participating in this World Cup, Canada has publicly stated that they do not design and produce their own jerseys for the national team when they arrive in Qatar later this year.


Cameroon remains a mystery when asked about the shirt for the 2022 World Cup.


This year, Korea made football fans unhappy when it announced a shirt with colors that lacked harmony and created a confusing feeling for viewers. At home, they will wear red and in the away field, they will wear black shirts mixed with other outstanding colors such as green, yellow, red, etc.

If you are a football lover, surely the topic of team jerseys will bring you useful and interesting information before the 2022 World Cup kicks off.