The most anticipated matches in the group stage of World Cup 2022





The World Cup 2022  is only a few days away from us and this is also the time when fans are focusing all their attention on this year’s group stage matches. Among the 48 matches that will take place in the group stage, many interesting confrontations are expected to be extremely thrilling with dramatic chases for the score. These matches will be the meeting of the teams that are on the list of championship candidates, or maybe the teams that have faced each other too many times, or sometimes will be the promising teams that will create many mutations during the season. With any match, fans will be sure to enjoy the best performances from the strongest teams from all over the world, not only that, the unexpected results are sure to happen. That is why the group stage matches of the World Cup are always so awaited. In this article, let’s take a look at some notable matches that you must watch.

Senegal – Netherlands on 11/21

Vòng Bảng World Cup 2022

In terms of qualifications and class, the Netherlands national team is much more appreciated than the Senegal national team. However, in football, it is not enough just to compare the level, because this is a sport that is difficult to judge the final result, even if the correlation of forces is different. In this matchup, this is even more evident than ever. Why is the match between the Senegal team and the Dutch team so worth looking forward to? The answer is the incredible progress of the Senegal team. This team from Africa is a relatively new name in the World Cup arena, but in the black continent, they have been kings for a long time. Most recently, in the qualifying round to win tickets to Qatar, the Senegal team also defeated the Egyptian team and completely blocked Egypt’s strongest attack, which was Mohamed Salah. This result makes not only Senegalese but also Africans believe that the Senegal team will do extraordinary things at the 2022 World Cup. This is the second consecutive World Cup that Senegal has been able to attend, for a team in an underdeveloped continent, this is a great result and at the same time a warning to football teams in other continents.

As for the Dutch team, at this moment, they cannot be subjective with any team, even those that are considered weaker than them like the Senegal team. Because the first match at the World Cup takes place with a losing result, it will greatly affect the mentality of the whole team. However, the Dutch team also has elements in which they can feel confident. Firstly, both their attack and defense have the best players in the world today such as Frenkie De Jong, Virgil van Dijk, Memphis Depay, and Matthijs de Ligt, these players are all playing a key role at the strongest clubs in the world. Secondly, the Dutch team’s style of play is very diverse, they play with ball control and direct attack. Therefore, the confrontation between these two teams promises to have many unexpected and attractive elements.

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Spain – Germany on 11/28

Tây Ban Nha – Đức ngày 28

The match between the Spain national football team and the German national football team is the most interesting “clash” in the group stage this year because it is the match between the two strongest football teams in Europe. The German team ended the World Cup in Russia 4 years ago with disappointment, which is not only regretful but also the ultimate disappointment of a strong team that has won the World Cup 4 times. Therefore, coming to this year’s World Cup, the German team has a reason to come back stronger. Up to the present time, the German team owns the most famous star squad, and most importantly, they are players with extensive experience playing at big clubs. With the leadership of Hansi Flick, the German team is different from 4 years ago, they have changed tactics from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3, and even the team’s players can flexibly take on many different positions on the field at the same time. The German team has a tough, solid defense, and especially, they have midfielders who can pass the ball accurately like Toni Kroos, Joshua Kimmich, and Serge Gnabry, …

The Spanish team is not inferior, this season, they will certainly use the pair Gavi and Pedri as two “key cards” in the squad. Unlike the German team, the Spain team struggled to compete in the qualifying round to win tickets to the World Cup, while the German team was the first team in Europe to win this ticket. However, this year, coming to Qatar, Spain’s squad has had a significant change, prominent among them is a series of young players. A squad that is being rejuvenated will create many mutations in the game and make it difficult for other teams to analyze and evaluate them before the game, not only that, besides the young players, the team Spain still has the effective support of experienced and classy players such as Thiago Alcantara, Sergio Busquets, and David De Gea. Therefore, the confrontation between these two teams will certainly appear with unexpected and interesting results.

Portugal – Uruguay on 11/29

Bồ Đào Nha – Uruguay ngày 29

The Portuguese team and the Uruguay team both won tickets to the World Cup in Qatar easily, they were far ahead of the rest of the competitors in terms of points and convincing victories. Therefore, both these teams have the potential to become champions at this year’s World Cup. For the Portuguese team, the loss to Uruguay in the round of 16 at the World Cup four years ago caused them to receive a lot of criticism, so this year, Portugal will desire revenge more than ever. However, the most outstanding player of this team, Ronaldo, is really at a breaking point when the striker is entangled in controversy with the club and is not allowed to play in many important matches. And this year’s World Cup may be Ronaldo’s last World Cup, so it is hard to expect the strength of this player in the upcoming confrontation. However, in terms of forces and defenses, the Portuguese team is still more appreciated than the Uruguayan team.

The Uruguayan team has long appeared in the important rounds of the World Cups, they see the strongest opponents and always make the fans feel satisfied every time they play. They are a strong team and play very well with each other, not only that, the extremely scary attacking duo of the Uruguay team that any team must be wary of, Cavani and Suarez also promise to create difficulties and obstacles for the strongest teams. Therefore, the confrontation of the strong will be a confrontation that football fans should pay attention to and watch.

Croatia – Belgium on 12/1

It is no surprise that the confrontation between the Croatia national football team and the Belgium national football team will become a classic confrontation in the Group stage of this year’s World Cup. This will be a match between two teams that finished second and third in the World Cup four years ago, so in terms of level and qualification, the Croatian team and the Belgian team are equal. Because this match is evenly matched and is a match between two strong teams, it automatically becomes the most-watched match in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup. This year, it is placed in the same group as Croatia, Canada, and Morocco for the Belgian team is an easy group, perhaps the only difficulty that the Belgian team needs to watch out for is only Croatia. The Belgian team owns a group of players with a lot of real combat experience and are all irreplaceable pillars of big clubs in the world such as Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, etc. However, it is also the same time. a disadvantage for the Belgian team, because they almost don’t have young elements in the squad, which makes it easy for the rival teams to understand the Belgian team’s play and tactics. Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, midfielder Axel Witsel, striker Kevin De Bruyne, and Eden Hazard are all players over 30 years old. These players will help the Belgian team have solid play, and coherent attack, and can overwhelm the opponent, but also have potential concerns because they have all passed the sublimation stage in their careers.

For the Croatian team, certainly having to stop in second place at the World Cup four years ago has given them more faith and strength in winning the championship trophy this year, however, they will also be under a lot of pressure because of the good performance they have achieved at the 2018 World Cup. If the Belgian team has an older generation of players, the Croatian team is not much better. They also have outstanding players past the age of 30 like Luka Modric and Ivan Perisic. The problem that Croatia faces is similar to Belgium, but it will still make for an eye-catching match because it will be a confrontation between experienced opponents and have the best playing styles in the world.

The Group Stage of this year’s World Cup features extremely interesting and equally talented matches, promising to bring viewers different levels of emotions, from suspense to excitement. Hopefully, these confrontations will become classic confrontations and satisfy fans with top-notch tactical thinking and skills.