Sideline Information before the World Cup 2022 begins

The biggest football tournament on the planet is about to take place in the anticipation of millions of fans around the world as well as in Vietnam. Before the show and live broadcast of the World Cup officially begins, let’s review some of the most interesting information on the sidelines of the 2022 World Cup today.

New technology catches new offside at FIFA World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022

According to the latest official announcement from FIFA, the 2022 World Cup will be a tournament using offside technology. This is a tool to support referees, helping to minimize decision-making time by an average of 70 seconds through the current off-line video playback to 20-25 seconds.

In addition, FIFA also gave a plan for the audience to cheer and those watching through the television waves were able to watch 3D images illustrating decisions related to offside that the organizers showed.

This technology has been tested at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and the initial steps have brought certain effects. Through collaboration with Adidas and a variety of different partners, the organization has been and continues to improve the technology systems that support the sport of kings.

Using 12 specialized tracking cameras mounted under the roof of the stadium, the new technology can simultaneously track 29 data points of each striker at a rate of about 50 times per second as well as compute exact position right on the field.

Particularly, the official ball used at the Qatar 2022 World Cup will also be integrated with an inertial measurement sensor, which can send ball data to the video control room with a frequency of about 500 times / s, so that the referees can detect the player’s kick point most accurately.

Through the perfect combination of AI-powered ball data, the new technology provides automatic offside warnings at all times and takes only a few seconds. Thanks to that, the referee will make faster and more accurate decisions, making the matches as fair and objective as possible.

It is known that the tests are still taking place before officially being applied to the world’s largest football tournament, thereby serving as a basis to help it be widely applied to tournaments from big to small.

Paul Pogba will be absent from the 2022 World Cup?

Paul Pogba sẽ vắng mặt tại World Cup 2022

During the recent trip to the US, Paul Pogba suffered a right knee meniscus injury and this may be the reason why the French team lacks the dedication of this striker.

Immediately after the injury, many people believe that the black star only needs about 2 months to recover his fitness. However, after a thorough examination, it seems that Pogba’s situation is much more serious. He will most likely have to undergo an operation and it will take a minimum of 6 months to return to the pitch. Thus, the 29-year-old midfielder will not be able to contribute to the national team and pity to watch his teammates fight through the small screen.

In the tactical system of coach Deschamps, Pogba is a very important player, so his every move is being watched and considered extremely carefully.

The highest rated teams

According to the experts of , there are many teams going to Qatar that are valued at billions of dollars, notably such as:


Although after winning the runner-up position at EURO 2020, England  are showing a decline in performance when they have not been able to get themselves a win in the 2022 UEFA Nations League. However, they are still ranked No. 1. in the valuation list with a value of up to 1.32 billion euros, the highest currently.


The defending World Cup champion is also considered a “quality” squad with a value of 1.08 billion euros. In particular, the black striker Kylian Mbappe has accounted for 160 million euros and became the most expensive player of the “Go Loa cocks”.


Representing South America is also in the Top 3 most expensive teams today with a total money of 1.01 billion euros. The most prominent is Vinicius Junior when he owns a contract of up to 100 million euros, while the cult star Neymar has been reduced to a price of 75 million euros.


With an amount of 836.5 million euros, Germany is still showing its potential to become the World Cup champion in 2022 after gradually reasserting its position at the last Euro.


Ronaldo and his teammates have a total squad value of 765 million euros with a fierce determination to step up to the highest position this year. Portugal joins the top 5 thanks to two players with great value, Bruno Fernandes (90 million euros) and Bernardo Sliva (75 million euros).

With such a huge star lineup, surely the Winter World Cup taking place in Qatar will be an extremely fierce race of strong teams in the world. Let’s wait until November this year to know which “expensive” phone will become the owner of the prestigious gold cup.