Qatar spent billions to host the WC but many fans left at halftime



In all likelihood, the majority of Qatar’s fans will be dissatisfied if their team loses the opening game of the 2022 World Cup. More than two hundred billion dollars were spent to bring the world’s largest football festival to the country, but the fans were left with nothing more than an unconvincing performance. This causes the fans to lose hope for future games.

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It’s likely that after the first 45 minutes, Qatari fans in the stands woke up after witnessing Ecuador’s extremely convincing performance and allowed the opponent to lead by two goals. At the same time, many of the more than 67,000 people who were watching from the stands at Al Bayt Stadium left because they didn’t think Qatar could pull off miracles in the second half.

During the intermission between the two periods, thousands of fans left the stadium. The people watching on TV and the reporters who were at the stadium at the time could see the gaps in the stands. An indication of the home crowd’s faith in their team, this move also demonstrates the support they have for the team. This is what The Mirror has to say about the last opening match and what the fans saw.

If Qatar loses the first game against Ecuador, its chances of advancing to the next round, let alone of winning any of the remaining matches, will be lower than they have ever been. As a result of their mental struggles in the previous game, Qatar will face their greatest test against strong teams like Senegal and the Netherlands.

The teams hosting the World Cup will have a significant advantage due to playing on their home turf, but for Qatar, the fans in the stands are starting to exert an invisible but growing amount of pressure. The players are unable to shake off their gloomy outlook and look forward to the upcoming matches as a result.

Felix Sanchez, the coach, was in tune with the players’ mindsets and said: “It’s encouraging to know that people are rooting for us, and we’re hoping that this momentum carries over into the next game. We’re confident that in our upcoming matches, we can win over the hearts of our supporters.” That’s the kind of message Qataris have been hoping to hear from their leader. The Spaniard will have to find a way for the students to get their spirits back up quickly before facing the Netherlands and Senegal, who are much tougher opponents.

There was a lot of doubt cast on South Africa’s chances at the 2010 World Cup, but at least they came away victorious. On the other hand, Qatar’s 0–2 start to the World Cup will go down in history as the worst ever for a host nation. It’s too soon to say for sure, but based on their recent performance and the fact that they still have two games at home without making any changes, they may very well be the worst home team in the league.

If Qatar loses the first game of this year’s World Cup, it will be the first time in the history of the previous 22 World Cups that a host country has lost the first game. When you consider how much money, time, and effort the Gulf nation spent on its first World Cup, you can see why this is such a disappointing result.

Qatar spent billions to host the World Cup, but many Qatar fans left at halftime

More than a decade has been spent on training and assembling a team to represent Qatar at the World Cup. As opposed to national teams, in which players typically only play together occasionally throughout the year, they function more like professional clubs. Supporters of the Qatari team have high hopes that their well-built team, which has trained together for many years, will help them compete in the 2022 World Cup, although the team’s actual results have been less than promising.

Due to the Qatar team’s initial lack of focus in the opening game, Al Sheeb’s error in goal was a foregone conclusion. Since statistics began being kept at World Cups, Qatar has had the worst accuracy rate of any team in the first half, at 74%. The home team’s poor performance in the tournament’s opening match can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the heavy psychological pressure they were under and the significant quality gap between the two teams.

It’s fair to say that Qatar has performed admirably against other national teams, and they’re certainly no slouch when compared to Ecuador. Even though the Qatari team is the defending Asian champion and made it to the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup last year, they seem to be struggling in the biggest tournament of their careers due to the intimidating environment of top-tier international competition. The jury is still out on whether or not Qatar will go down as the worst World Cup host country, but at this point, it seems fairly obvious that it will.

Even though South Africa was eliminated from the 2010 World Cup in the group stage, they did not give off a bad first impression in their three games. In their first game, they tied 1-1 with Mexico. They then lost 0-3 to Uruguay and won a historic 2-1 against France to end the group stage. The United States also finished with four points at the 1994 World Cup, the previous time it had to leave the world’s biggest football tournament early. Therefore, if it continues to perform like the match against Ecuador, it is likely that Qatar will continue to be winless before their remaining two opponents in this group, the Netherlands and Senegal, are both rated higher than Ecuador.

If things don’t change, Coach Palest Sanchez and his team won’t be able to get any wins and will end the group stage with three losses. There is now a much higher probability that this Gulf team will go down in history as the most dissatisfying tournament host ever.

Since anything can happen on the football field, the next two group-stage matches will determine whether Qatar continues to fight for a winning record or concedes defeat. We might have to wait until the situation with this group is over to know for sure if Qatar is the weakest FIFA World Cup host country in history or not.

The World Cup has officially started this way, with a big opening ceremony and a bad start for the home team, but things are just getting started.

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