Nagelsmann still maintains a noble role at Bayern Munich

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Julian Nagelsmann used to be a name that made German football fans flutter when for the first time in football history, he became the youngest coach to lead a powerful German team, Bayern Munich. However, the German coach has recently made fans worried when Bayern Munich’s performance this season is not good. The most difficult team in Germany to play is proving extremely difficult to improve its position in the rankings, this result also makes experts and fans re-evaluate their leadership and Nagelsmann’s Bayern Munich coach, how long can this young coach keep his position as head coach? And how many more times will fans receive news that he is about to be kicked out of the coaching staff when Bayern’s ranking position is threatened every day?

The youngest coach in German football history


When Bayern’s record goes down, of course, in addition to the usual problems such as the form of the players, the combination of them on the field, or injury, the person always has to bear a multitude of questions first. will always be the head coach. Holding a leadership position for a powerful club not only within Germany but also within the framework of famous clubs in the world, Nagelsmann is certainly under a lot of pressure. In April 2021, Nagelsmann officially signed with Bayern and became the head coach of this club when he was only 34 years old. At that time, the information surrounding the topic of why Bayern chose Nagelsmann was exploited by the press in many different ways. At the same time, no one thought that Nagelsmann would take the position of head coach of the German team, even a series of big bookies received information that Nagelsmann would replace the old coach of Tottenham. German football at that time was surprised when completing the contract with the 34-year-old coach extremely quickly, enough to demonstrate how much Bayern trusted and capable of Nagelsmann.

The reason for this quick decision of Bayern, it can be understood that although Nagelsamnn cannot compare in age with other coaches, but in terms of experience, he is not inferior to anyone. Under the leadership of Nagelsmann, the Leipzig club went from a weak and unknown club, they quickly became one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe at that time. Leipzig’s achievements were enough to make Nagelsmann’s leadership and leadership ability most clearly tested.

Why did Bayern quickly recruit Nagelsmann?

Vì sao Bayern lại nhanh chóng chiêu mộ Nagelsmann

The German coach has been a head coach since he was 28 years old, normally, a career as a professional coach and UEFA training certification, then started his career The coach is around 40, 41 years old. But with Nagelsmann, he became the head coach when he was only 28 years old, which is different from the three basic stages of a typical coach, which is to compete as a player. professional footballer, retired and studied to become a coach. So why does Bayern need Nagelsmann so, the first answer is that he is also a German. German football is a completely different category from football in other countries, so for a German coach to accompany the Bayern club is a very reasonable decision. The second thing is that Nagelsmann’s playing philosophy and tactics are quite similar to Hansi Flick, which makes it easier for Bayern to adapt to the new coach’s tactics more quickly. For Nagelsmann, tactics only account for about 30% of the team’s winning or losing decision, the remaining 70% is communication and understanding, which is enough to prove that he is dedicated and has the ability to connect. the team to what extent. The third is that Nagelsmann brings modern thinking about football, since taking over Leipzig, he has applied a series of modern technologies to the analysis as well as the matches, training process or fitness. , the skill of each player. And finally, the ability to use players is extremely flexible and somewhat daring, Nagelsmann loves to experiment with young players on the pitch, that is what Bayern wants, they want to change the squad and do it. new routes to be able to bring a completely new and more promising Bayern.

After more than 1 year of working, Nagelsmann is being questioned about his ability at Bayern?

In this year’s Bundesliga, under the guidance of a young coach, Bayern does not seem to have shown their usual stable form, not only that, in the last 4 consecutive matches, this team has continuously lost. This result surprised both the team’s management as well as the fans. Many people began to make predictions about Nagelsmann’s departure soon. Nagelsmann signed a five-year contract with Bayern, which means that he will not expire until 2026, this is just the beginning of all the efforts of the young coach. But in fact, the results were not good at all. Right from the first matches that Bayern Munich debuted under coach Nagelsmann received mixed opinions, football legends or prestigious coaches all expressed their trust in the young coach. On the contrary, the fans reacted extremely harshly, they even cursed and hung banners and slogans against Nagelsmann’s presence.

Although until now, there is no official information about Nagelsmann’s contract with Bayern, because if he cancels the contract midway, this team will suffer quite a heavy loss. Moreover, the current alternatives are not many. Therefore, even though Bayern have dropped to 5th place, they will still give Nagelsmann another chance. This coach needs to quickly lead the team to beat Leverkusen and bring positive changes to the rankings for Bayern Munich, this will certainly be a difficult task for the German coach but also a challenge. It’s great for him to prove to the fans that he is worth signing and deserves the trust of FC Bayern in choosing him.

Nagelsmann’s future at Bayern will be a big question for football lovers at the moment, hopefully, this coach can make positive changes for the team and gradually assert his ability. Let’s follow the changes of Bayern and wait for the most powerful team in Germany to return strongly.