Morocco – The most unpredictable team of this year's World Cup

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Those who follow the 2022 World Cup from the very first day will surely be impressed by the Moroccan team. From an unknown and underappreciated team, Morocco is showing their fearsome strength through the rounds. Up to the present time, this team has proudly ranked in the top 4 strongest teams of world football. They will also be expected to make an unprecedented achievement for African football with a presence in the World Cup finals in a few days. So what power does Morocco possess? Why did they achieve such a high score at this year’s World Cup?

Morocco – the team is not on the list of championship candidates

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It is strange that since the World Cup has not yet started, the Moroccan team has not been ranked in any list of strong teams, let alone the championship candidates. When football experts and fans are busy evaluating, rating, and predicting the big teams that will take the throne such as England, France, Argentina, etc. Morocco can only bring one title as the rookie of the tournament. The initial assessment of Morocco was not wrong, it was just that this team did better than expected. They have continuously created great surprises that not only create positive effects in the African region but also around the world.

The main squad of the Moroccan team does not have many outstanding elements. Perhaps fans only know the only famous name in the team is Hakim Ziyech. The Chelsea midfielder is the mainstay of this team. Ziyech wears the captain’s armband and leads the entire team. This is enough to see how important he is. In addition, fans may know Achraf Hakimi, a player who is joining PSG. With the rest of the players on the team, most are not famous and are playing in domestic tournaments. Therefore, the fact that Morocco is not on the list of championship candidates is not too surprising.

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Morocco – the top championship candidate at the World Cup 2022

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After the unfavorable predictions about the results of the World Cup, Morocco proved to the fans the opposite result. In the qualifying round to win tickets to the World Cup, the Moroccan team had an advantage when their opponents were all weak teams such as Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, and Sudan. Morocco easily beat these opponents and rose to the top of the table without a single loss. Then, in the group stage, Morocco has to face the defending runner-ups Croatia, Belgium, and Canada. In the group stage, Morocco’s chances of winning are too slim. They are considered unable to overcome Croatia and Belgium.

However, the result is completely different. Morocco drew Croatia with a score of 0-0. This is considered a great humiliation for the Croatia runner-up when in 90 minutes of the match, they could not break the solid defense of the Moroccan team. The matches against Belgium and Canada also faced a similar situation, that was, they did not know how to approach the Moroccan penalty area because the African team defended too well. Different from the result when meeting Croatia, Morocco even won against Belgium and Canada with many beautiful goals.

They continue to create earthquakes in the football world when the candidate for the championship is the Spanish team in the quarterfinals. After more than 120 minutes of both the official match and two extra periods, Spain seemed completely inferior to Morocco. They did not create too many dangerous situations in the Moroccan goal area. Not only that, the European team has many dangerous counterattacks from Morocco. In the end, Spain also had to give up bitterly and return home. This result creates great success in the history of Moroccan football. For the first time in World Cup history, an African country can go straight to the semi-finals.

Why did Morocco reach the fourth round of the strongest teams at this year’s World Cup?

There are many reasons for Morocco to prove that they are qualified to become one of the championship contenders of this year’s World Cup:

  • Defensiveness: No team plays defensively like Morocco at this year’s World Cup. The way Morocco defends is so solid that even the strongest teams feel helpless. Although the defense will have a big impact on the fitness of the players, however, when facing strong teams, the way that Morocco is doing has saved them many times from danger. Not only that, but Morocco is also extremely flexible in turning defensive situations into counterattacks very quickly. It is also for this reason that they easily score with the opponent’s net when the opponent builds up the formation and loses focus.
  • The mentality of Steel: Facing big teams, many weaker teams will have mental problems and be under a lot of pressure. But Morocco has not encountered this situation. They played calmly, maintaining the formation and locking down the opponent’s attacking players. Most of the time in the innings, Morocco only plays at home and is under pressure to find goals from many strong teams. But they still defend firmly and neutralize the power of European teams. Besides, Morocco also played with the spirit of having nothing to lose. Because they never dared to set their sights on reaching the semi-finals, the last time this team reached the quarterfinals was more than 30 years ago.

Talented players: Hakim Ziyech did his job as captain. With this midfielder on the field, the deployment and passing of the ball become more rhythmic, stable, and precise. Ziyech knows how to control the tempo of the team and is always the fastest player on the field. Besides, Hakimi is equally active. This player many times created dangerous situations on the opponent’s goal and scored for the African team.

With great performances and top form at the moment, Morocco is showing that they deserve to be on the list of the top 4 strongest teams in the World Cup. The French team must be wary of the Moroccan team, as they may once again succeed with their defensive ability. Hopefully Morocco will progress further to the finals and glorify African football.

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