Finally, Messi can say goodbye to Argentina proudly

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The World Cup final that took place yesterday is certainly a match that has brought football fans around the world countless different emotions. But perhaps, the most awaited moment is when Messi lifts the championship trophy. Not disappointing football fans, Argentina won against the defending champion, the French team. The whole world yesterday fully enjoyed the world football legend who was crowned champion with his teammates. This victory makes Messi’s departure from Argentina’s team very meaningful.


The pillar of the team

Even before the World Cup started, fans talked about Messi’s farewell to the World Cup. Everyone implicitly guessed that the 2022 World Cup would be the last time they would see the Argentine football legend playing on the field. The simple reason is that Messi is too old for the next World Cup. Therefore, the 2022 World Cup will be a very important milestone for this player. Although he has played for many years and won countless achievements, Messi has never once conquered the highest peak of world football, the World Cup. If you have to say goodbye after the 2022 World Cup, then certainly not only Messi but anyone who wants this striker to close the 2022 World Cup completely.

In Qatar this year, perhaps fans have never seen such a strong Messi. He is the captain and the sole pillar of the team. In almost all of Argentina’s matches, Messi scored. Not only that, but he also saved many times for the team. The most prominent was the final against the French team, the Argentine striker scored 2 extremely beautiful goals. Not only that, but from the group stage of the World Cup to the final round, Messi had a total of 8 assists to help his teammates score. Messi’s presence on the field is the greatest mental strength that Argentina has.

Before that, in every match, Messi also regularly scored at least 1 goal against the opposing teams. Since the 1/8 round, every match of Argentina against Australia, the Netherlands, or Croatia has been opened by Messi’s talent. Group stage matches, and even matches from the round of 16 onwards, Messi’s name has made its mark as the scorer for all of these matches.

Messi – a major contributor to the World Cup final

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From the first minutes, Argentina has deployed extremely flexible play. They made the French team, the attacking team, constantly retreat to the defense in the home field. Not only that but with Messi’s talent, the first half of the match was quickly raised to a score of 2-0 in favor of Argentina. This moment caused many French fans to collapse. The French team was completely restrained and could not attack the ball. However, in the last 10 minutes of the second half, French talent Mbappe quickly equalized the score and brought the match back to the starting line.

The moment when all efforts had to start all over again, Messi once again shone in the 108th minute. The Argentine striker released all the pressure on his teammates when he scored against Hugo Lloris’s net to help Argentina rise to the score of 3-2. Although then, Mbappe also continued to equalize 3-3 thanks to a penalty. But the goal that Messi contributed made Argentina’s championship hopes very clear.

The person in charge of facing the opponent’s goalkeeper at the first kick is always Messi.The responsibility that the Argentinian player must shoulder at this time is extremely large. If he misses, maybe all his effort to score in 120 minutes of the game will be meaningless. Because people will only forever remember the moment when the world football legend missed the ball. Not only that, Hugo Lloris is not an easy opponent to play at all. More than anyone, Messi is the one who has to face the most pressure. However, this striker fooled Lloris and successfully scored. Messi’s goal once again boosted the morale of his teammates.

Champion moment

The luckiest people were the fans present on the Lusail field yesterday. Because they get to witness what may be the only time in their lives. It was Messi wearing the shirt given to him by the Qatari monarch and kissing the legendary trophy of the world football champions. Football fans can feel sorry for the French team and Mbappe. But after all, the age of the French striker is too young, not only that, Mbappe also once won the championship with France 4 years ago. Therefore, in Qatar this year, Messi deserves victory more than anything.

Up to now, Messi has certainly had a perfect World Cup. Not only that, but this victory also brought the Argentine striker countless prestigious awards. Since the Golden ball award appeared, only Messi has had the honor of receiving this award twice. Messi’s appearance on the field at this year’s World Cup also broke all previous records with 26 appearances, the most ever. The World Cup ended and Lionel Messi became the greatest player of Argentine football in particular and world football in general.

A complete and meaningful goodbye

Before the final match took place, Messi expressed his thoughts about leaving the team. The 35-year-old striker said that he does not have many plans to continue playing in international tournaments. Not only that but for a striker who has turned 35, waiting for another 4 years is not feasible for Messi. After 4 years, this player is 39 years old. At the age of 39, almost all football stars have retired. In terms of health, spirit, or level, all will be greatly reduced. And of course, Messi understands this. He also has his plans, most specifically, saying goodbye to the Argentina team.

Messi’s goodbye in Qatar this year has become extremely meaningful. When he was able to hold the championship trophy for the first time in his hands and celebrate the victory with his teammates. Although not accompanying the team in the next matches, at club tournaments, fans will still see Messi playing.

The moment Messi and Argentina won at the World Cup yesterday will certainly go down in history. And right now, goodbye will no longer be sad. Messi’s goodbye ended with happiness and fulfillment not only for him but also for millions of fans.

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