France still proves the strength of the defending champion

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The race to the championship in Qatar 2022 is getting narrower. At this point, the strongest teams have officially been named, and fans will be able to witness the best matches between football national teams. This year, the French team has escaped “the curse” of the champion always being eliminated in the group stage, they have proved to the fans that they deserve to be the defending champion of the World Cup. In the next matches, France will certainly be a formidable opponent of any team and they will likely continue to hold their throne.

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Consecutive wins in Qatar 2022

As soon as the group stage ended, France showed the fearsome strength of the defending champion. They continuously won through the rounds and most recently, they easily defeated the Polish team in the 1/8 round. The French team has an extremely effective fast-attack style. The champion’s squad gathers the most famous names in the world such as Giroud, Griezmann, Dembele or Mbappe,… In attack or defense, the French team also possesses outstanding factors and is known to the whole world. Not only that, but these players are also the pillars of today’s top clubs such as Manchester United, PSG, and Tottenham Hotspurs, …

So far, World Cup winners have always been eliminated in the group stage of World Cups right after they were crowned. Therefore, this year, many people have predicted a sad ending for the French team, even many football experts think that it is difficult for them to escape the scary “curse” that the champions meet every year. However, it was France who broke that groundless “curse”, proving to the world that being eliminated from the World Cup simply depends on factors of ability, level, and form at certain times of the team. With a champion like France, the class still exists forever.

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Great victory over Poland

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It has been a long time since 1986 when the two teams of France and Poland had the opportunity to meet again in the World Cup arena in . Meeting again in Qatar 2022  after a few decades certainly made the two teams feel extremely excited. In all respects, Poland can hardly be compared with France, they have never won the World Cup, and Poland’s squad is not even, in attack only Lewandowski is a worthy most scared attacker. However, the striker has also entered the most sublime period of his career, not only that, but he is also closely guarded by the players of the French national team, so if you only look to Lewandowski, the team Poland will certainly not get any positive results.

As expected by the fans, in 90 minutes of playing on the field, the Polish team did not create any pressure against the French team. Even the number of times they shot the ball towards the goal of the French team could not exceed the number 5. Meanwhile, France overwhelmed the opponent and created countless dangerous attacking situations toward the goal of the Polish team. Not only that, but the French team also has corner situations that make Poland have to resist extremely hard. The round of the 1/8 match showed France’s superior level against Poland, they showed their ability to attack accurately and how to organize a very smart squad.

The brightest highlight in the 1/8 round between France and Poland is Mbappe. Mbappe did not miss a single opportunity when he touched the ball, he assisted his teammates to score and twice passed the ball to his feet, both times Mbappe averaged rhythmic ball handling to the dominant foot, and shot the opponent’s net. Yesterday’s match officially set Mbappe’s record with 9 goals since the beginning of the season. Up to now, Mbappe has quickly risen to the top of the list of top scorers of the World Cup 2022, behind him are the big names and much more seasoned, which are Lionel Messi, Gakpo, and Rashford. Not only that, the young striker born in 1998 officially overthrew the record of football legend Pele with 8 goals at the World Cup. With an impressive scoring ability when the tournament has just entered the 1/8 round, it will promise a strong, classy, and unrivaled French team.

The match against England in the quarterfinals

The upcoming quarter-finals promise to bring an extremely explosive French team, not only that, their opponent is England – a team at the same level and level as the defending champion. Experts and fans still predict that the result will still be more in favor of France. However, it is still necessary to beware of the England team, because they also have super-class scorers like Harry Kane, Rashford, and Sterling. Not only that, England’s desire to win the world championship trophy is greater than ever. Right from the qualifying matches to winning tickets to the World Cup, they showed an undefeated squad and the standout among them was top scorer Harry Kane.

The confrontation between the two giants of European football will surely make fans satisfied with the gathering of the most famous stars, the best skills, and the most beautiful goals. This match will be the confrontation of two world-class strikers Mbappe and Harry Kane, the match is expected to be the final of the season early, and this is enough to see how great its appeal is. The two teams are currently in an extremely high form of the tournament, the squad is even and both are players who are too familiar with each other’s gameplay and tactics. At the club level, players from both teams are still teammates and have played very well in club seasons in England, France, and Germany.

Therefore, the upcoming confrontation between England and France will certainly be difficult to predict the outcome of which team will win, which is why the attraction and anticipation of this match among the fans will become even more intense. The element of surprise is no longer a strange thing at this year’s World Cup, and in this encounter, let’s see which team will win and come even closer to the title of world champion.

With the current achievements and performance, the French team will certainly go deeper into the next rounds, and further, they will maintain their championship title because, after 4 years, the strength is still being fully promoted.

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