Changes of football teams before the start of the 2022 World Cup

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Only one month left until the biggest football tournament on the planet will officially start, this time is also the time when football teams rush to complete the final stages of completing the squad, tactics and physical training to prepare to participate in the race to win the prestigious championship trophy. However, this is also a sensitive time that players as well as teams should be careful to avoid unnecessary injuries that make them lose the opportunity to attend the 2022 World Cup. In this article, let’s learn about the notable changes made by football teams and assess whether these changes are positive or negative for those teams.

Portugal lost numbers at the World Cup

Changes of football teams before the start of the 2022 World Cup

One of the strongest attacking spearheads of the Portuguese national team has been on the field because of a serious injury in the match against Man City in recent days, that is Diogo Jota. Diogo Jota’s injury was beyond the expectations of the Portuguese team’s coaching staff, because he is the most important factor in helping the team to deploy a direct attack and promises to bring great results to many teams at this year’s World Cup. Speaking after the win against Man City, coach Jurgen Klopp admitted that Diogo Jota’s calf injury will certainly make him say goodbye to Qatar this year. It is a pity that this talented striker had to wait another 4 years to be dedicated to his country. Jota’s absence will put even more pressure on Ronaldo, now that he is Portugal’s most notable striker, as alternatives to him like Diogo Jota or Pedro Neto are now available on the team’s attack. This is also a difficult problem for coach Fernando Santos, when the World Cup is very close and he suddenly has to change tactics when he loses key players.

Kante will not appear in the French team, but in return, Pogba is likely to return

Kante sẽ không xuất hiện tại đội tuyển Pháp, nhưng bù lại, Pogba có khả năng sẽ quay trở lại

N’Golo Kante is the next striker to suffer an injury and have to suspend all activities for a long time, including the 2022 World Cup. Continuous sad news about the problem of the team’s squad at the World Cup this year. After the draw with Tottenham in the English Premier League last August, Kante unfortunately suffered a hamstring injury. Previously, the midfielder had only just recovered from an injury, so, according to the health care doctors for Kante, he will recover relatively slowly and will certainly be absent from Qatar this year. This makes the French team will face many difficulties, when their important midfielders do not appear in the starting lineup at the end of this year. However, perhaps Deschamps still has his own plans, for the defending champion, this coach does not allow the French team to be threatened by any other team, besides Kante, France still there are other options like Ca Mavinga, Adrien Rabiot or Tchouameni. Those are also promising midfielders and can temporarily accommodate the changes in coach Deschamps’ squad.

Besides the sad news of Kante’s absence, fans began to get excited again when they saw Pogba appear in the training squad of the Juventus club. This is a good sign that the French midfielder has recovered from his injury and is in the most stable state of health to return to contribute to the team. More importantly, Pogba’s return right before the World Cup made the coaching staff and French football fans feel full of hope. From now until the start of the World Cup, Pogba still has 6 matches at Juventus club, surely this is enough time for him to get back into the game atmosphere and help him get in shape. This will be a premise for Pogba to increase his chances of participating in the World Cup, if he really comes back to play with the French team, this will be the best news for French fans at the moment.

Reece James temporarily bid farewell to the England team

Reece James tạm chia tay đội tuyển Anh

Reece James is the next name to close the journey to the 2022 World Cup this year. This is sad news for English football when Chelsea officially announced that James will be out of action for 8 weeks. England’s No. 1 defender and currently the most trusted chess piece by Southgate coach, suddenly suffered a knee injury. Perhaps this is the same shock for Reece James when he could not join his country’s team to attend the biggest football festival on the planet. The news Chelsea announced had a negative effect on England fans when a few days earlier, they received news that another talented defender, Kyle Walker, also had to undergo groin surgery and officially said goodbye to the World Cup to treat injuries. Two of England’s best and best defenders were unable to appear in Qatar, which will make the defense of this team appear large holes, making them unable to play offensively. What will Southgate do to change this predicament?

Gareth Bale is likely to retire after the 2022 World Cup

It is another sad news for Wales’ squad as Gareth Bale makes his first moves regarding his retirement after the 2022 World Cup. Before that, in January, he announced that he would hang up his shoes if Wales couldn’t be in Qatar. Bale is no longer an important factor in Real Madrid’s squad, this season with the club, he only played 7 matches and during those 7 games, he also played quite poorly. and completely failed to make an impression on the Real Madrid coaching staff, although in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Gareth Bale was the player with the most dedication to the Wales team and helped his team win World Cup 2022 in Qatar. It can be seen that, in terms of ability and level, Gareth Bale is still an outstanding player, however, his contract with Real has uncertainties and in the future, he will become a free agent. This will hinder Bale’s entry into the World Cup.

With the notable changes in the football teams mentioned above, this can be a negative signal for them but also a positive signal for other teams. Hopefully from now until the World Cup begins, the players will be in their best physical condition and there will be no changes to the squad.