Italian Football - Updating Serie A standings, results and schedule

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As one of the most attractive national championship tournaments in Europe, matches in Serie A – the Italian national football championship always attract fans and betting lovers. Every time the season starts, Serie A football betting is the most interesting thing. What is the Serie A standings, schedule and results tonight?  Let’s explore in the updated table below Let’s explore the tournament in the updated table below

 Serie A standings


To better understand this big football tournament, let’s explore everything related  in the following article.

 the highest professional men’s football league in the Italian football system. Among European countries, Italy is a country with a strongly developed football background and is the birthplace of many football stars and legends of the world. The Italian national championship is very specialized, where the big teams with the top players in Europe gather. Therefore, every time  it starts, fans eagerly wait to watch the exciting matches in this tournament. In the UEFA rankings, Serie A is only behind 2 leagues, the English Premier League and La Liga.

The stands  matches are always packed with fans and the television viewership ratings of this tournament are also very large. With a long tradition of development along with the development of Italian football, this is a tournament not to be missed every time the season starts in August this year and ends in May next year. The winning team will win the prestigious Scudetto title.


Having quite a long history with its first season in 1929/1930 and then has become a favorite tournament for fans around the world with super classic matches.

Previously, football competitions were only held in small areas in the region. By 1921, there were many teams participating in the regional championship, so the 2 Italian Football Federations, FIGC, and CCI joined together and divided FIGC into a North-South league. In 1926, Italian football continued to change the setting, adding the Southern team to the national team to become the unified league in 1929.

The most famous are 3 clubs including AC Milan, Juventus, and Inter Milan. In addition, there are Fiorentina, Napoli, AS Roma, and Lazio along with the powerful trio forming the group of 7 most prominent teams in the arena.

The format of the football league 

The number of teams participating in each  season is currently 20 with a total of 38 rounds throughout the season. Previously, the number of participating teams was from 16 to 18 teams, sometimes exceeding 21 teams.

Each team in the season will face other opponents in 2 matches with 1 away and 1 home. The rankings will be updated based on the number of points that the 2 teams have such as the winning team having 3 points, the losing team having no points and the same score will be added 1 point for each team. In addition, if the number of points is equal, the order of positions on the leaderboard will depend on the total number of goals scored, and the goal difference… if all indicators are equal, it will be decided by drawing.

Like other tournaments, the top 4 will participate in the group stage of the European Cup and the top 5 and 6 will participate in the Europa League. The bottom three teams will play for Serie B next season and the best teams from Serie B will take their place

 Serie A schedule

Betting on Serie A

As a very popular betting playground, any online bookmaker offers bets. Here, let’s take a look at Italian football, and learn about the types of bets as well as the different types of bets. Useful betting tips that experts have shared.

Popular types of rafters

You will only be able to bet when you understand each type of bet. The following are the common types of rafters that you must master to be able to read the house table.

  • European Handicap (1×2): Simple type with 3 options: win – draw – lose. Players will choose 1 if predicting the home team to win, choose 2 if predicting the away team to win, and choose X if predicting a draw.
  • Asian Handicap: Much more complicated than European handicap, Asian handicap requires players to master the handicaps offered by the house. Two teams will be divided at the upper gate as the strong team and the lower gate as the weak team. On the basis of comparison of strength, the house will offer a handicap to create a balance between the two teams.
  • Over Under: This is a type of bet that is loved by many players, suitable for all types of players. Accordingly, the dealer will give a number, the player will need to predict whether the total number of goals offered by the dealer will be higher or lower than that number. If higher, choose Over, if lower, choose Under.

The secret to winning Serie A bets

In football betting, the luck factor only accounts for a small part, the important thing is the skill of the odds. If you look at the odds correctly, you will win the bet easily. Here are the skills that you need to keep in mind during your betting process.

  • Choose a reputable bookie: Currently, there are many online bookies operating. You need to choose for yourself a reputable bookie, ensure security, fully licensed to provide a safe experience.
  • Find out all about the match: With the matches you’ve selected, analyze all the elements about that match. Pay special attention to the performance of each team, starting lineup, playing style, strengths and weaknesses of each team, confrontation history, position on the rankings …
  • Choose the right matches: Each  round will have a total of 10 matches, follow the Italian football calendar to choose the matches that you love and understand. Choose about 2-3 matches per round to ensure the highest quality for each bet. Along with that, at each match you also need to choose the right types of bets and right for your own forte.
  • Choose the time to bet: One piece of advice that experts give is to place a bet when the house has just made a bet. At this time, the bookies do not have much information to give the best odds for the house.
  • Master all the betting rules: Make sure you understand all the rules set by the bookie so that you don’t get violated during the betting process unfortunately.


Italian football has always had a great appeal to every football lover as well as betting. Try to find a reputable online bookie, experience the feeling of betting, placing bets… you will find each match much more attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Serie A betting safe?

As with any sports bet, you can rest assured when betting at reputable online bookmakers. With modern security measures, all information will be kept completely private.

Some reputable bookmakers are highly appreciated by us such as Vwin, 188bet, W88, fun88 or V9bet.

2. Can I get money if I win a Serie A bet?

If you predict correctly, you will win the bet and receive money according to the selected odds. The house will update the bonus to your playing account right after the match ends and you can withdraw money to your bank account easily.

3. What to do if there is a problem during the betting process?

Reputable online bookies always have a customer care department. If you encounter any problems during the betting process, please contact this department for answers.