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For anyone who loves football, La Liga is an annual tournament not to be missed. Starting in August of each year and ending in May of the following year, every La Liga season that takes place always receives great attention and interest around the world through television. Along with that, Spanish football is also an extremely attractive playground for bettors to test their knowledge and predictions. Let’s discover the super attractive La Liga tournament as well as know how to bet on Spanish football.

Overview of La Liga

If you are not familiar with La Liga, read the following content to master the basics of the exciting football tournament.

What is La Liga?

La Liga is a familiar name when talking about the Spanish national football championship. Like other famous tournaments such as the Premier League, Serie A…. La Liga is the current highest male football league of Spanish football. Famous for its dramatic, thrilling and extremely attractive, La Liga always attracts a large number of people watching live as well as watching via television.According to the assessment, La Liga is the 3rd most attractive tournament, after the Premier League and Bundesliga, and is highly appreciated by the quality of the tournament. Big teams and world-class strikers will give great matches.

History of La Liga

La Liga has a long history of formation and development. Around April 1927, Arenas Club de Roldan president Jose Maria Acha came up with the idea to create the highest level of Spanish football. Soon after, the Spanish Football Federation RFEF agreed and organized this tournament and the first season was created with the first 10 participating teams.In 1936, the tournament was suspended due to civil war and returned in 1939. Between 1939 and 1946, two top teams, Valencia and Barcelona took turns ​ dominating the tournament. From 1950-1970, Real Madrid has been crowned consecutively at the top of this tournament. In addition, Atletico Madrid is also a big and potential football club on this playground.The most anticipated match in La Liga between the two biggest teams of the tournament, Real Madrid vs Barca, is called El clásico, similar to the derby of the English Premier League.


A total of 20 teams participate in each season and compete in a round-robin format. 3 points for each win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. After 38 rounds, the team crowned the champion is the team with the highest total score. The tournament also follows a strict promotion and relegation format, ensuring professionalism. The last 3 positions of the season will have to be relegated to the Segunda Division next season. Meanwhile, the top two teams and the play-off winner will replace the three positions of La Liga that have just been relegated.The tournament is even more attractive when the top 4 places will participate in the Champions League – the most prestigious tournament in Europe and the top 5 and 6 teams will participate in the Europa League. Therefore, the closer to the end of the season, the more attractive the tournament becomes with the fierce competition between the team at the top of the table and the team at the bottom of the table.

La Liga odds

As one of the biggest and most popular football tournaments on the planet, entering the football season, La Liga is a place where betting people especially love with attractive bets. Let’s learn about Spanish football odds in the next content

Popular types of La Liga rafters

Before each match, the bookies will evaluate, judge and give the odds, display it on the football betting odds table today for players to follow and place bets. Each match has many types of bets and the odds at each bookmaker are different. The following are the 3 types of La Liga bets that are popular and most bets by players when betting on La Liga.European HandicapYou will easily find this type of rafter on the house edge table with the symbol 1X2. This symbol has the following meanings:
  • 1: Bet on the home team to win
  • X: Bet on 2 teams to draw results
  • 2: Bet on away team win
Asian HandicapYou will encounter Asian rafters with the symbol Handicap on the rafters table. This bet is also known by another name, the handicap. 2 teams will be evaluated by the bookies and choose a strong team on the upper hand, a weak team on the lower hand. A handicap will be offered by the house to create a balanced game.The handicaps commonly seen in this type of handicap are handicap 1,2,3 goal; mortgage 0.25 goal, 0.5 goal; 0.75 goal; 1, 25 goal; 1.5 goal; 1.75 goal…. Players need to master the meaning of this handicap in order to place reasonable bets.Over & UnderWith the symbol 0/U on the rafters table, this is a very interesting and attractive bet for many players. Players will need today’s football odds to predict how many goals will be scored in 90 minutes to place a bet. The house will give the odds and the player needs to compare it with the house odds.
  • Bet Under: if guess the total goal is lower than the house edge
  • Bet Over: if guess the total number of goals is higher than the house rate
  • Draw: if the prediction is equal to the house edge.

The secret to winning La Liga bets

To win at La Liga’s odds today, the factor of luck is only a small part. The most important thing is to look carefully, accurately judge and choose the correct bet.
  • Mastering the characteristics of the La Liga tournament to place a bet: Before entering the season, you should master the overview of the competing teams and have an overview and assessment of the entire team. Divide into strong and weak teams for more accurate betting.
  • Mastering the bets and betting rules: Each bookmaker will have its own type of rafters and betting rules. Please read carefully the regulations before entering the bet to avoid unfortunate violations in the betting process.
  • Choose a reputable bookie: Currently, there are many fraudulent bookmakers operating. To ensure safety, choose reputable bookmakers to bet.
  • Always check your odds before placing your bets: Nowadays, it’s easy to find complete sources of information and match statistics before the match even takes place. Do not ignore information such as team performance, confrontation history, home team – away, line-up, player health … and consult experts about the match to place a bet.


With the above information, surely readers have understood and know more about this famous La Liga football tournament. Do not forget to bet besides watching the matches to get the most uplifting emotions with the matches and win big with generous bonuses at the most prestigious bookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you win cash when betting on La Liga?

When betting online, if your prediction is correct, the bookie will update the cash according to today’s football odds that you have bet on your playing account. Then you can withdraw money to the bank easily.

2. Is it possible to use multiple accounts to bet on La Liga?

At all bookies from small to large, there are regulations that require players to use only 1 account to ensure transparency and fairness.

3. How to choose a reputable bookie to bet on La Liga?

You should choose for yourself a reputable bookie to challenge with the following criteria: legitimacy of the house; the abundance of La Liga bets; whether the odds are high; transaction form; website interface, security; customer care; promotions.