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Every time August begins, football fans begin to feel passionate about crazy football matches. In football tournaments, the most popular tournament of the annual football season is the Premier League, also known as the English Premier League. Not only bringing dramatic moments, but the Premier League is also a destination for betting lovers. Join us to learn about the English Premier League as well as information related to the English Premier League today before we start with 2022 world cup 

Overview of the English Premier League

English Premier League odd

Here is the most general information about the English Premier League that you need to know before betting on this match

What is the English Premier League?

The English Premier League is often referred to as the English Premier League. This is the number 1 professional men’s football league in England and also the highest level tournament in the men’s football league system.

Ranked at number 1 among the European national football championship tournaments, each time this tournament starts, it always receives great attention from fans watching live as well as on the TV.

English Premier League History

According to many historical sources, football was invented by the British. However, due to a number of subjective and objective reasons, English football fell into a great crisis in the twentieth century and caused the English team to be banned from playing for 5 years in European cups. To get out of this crisis, a treaty was made in 1991 to create the highest level of English football. This is also the premise to mark the English Premier League.

Until February 20, 1992, the English Premier League was created, with the first role as a company. Then Sky TV – the British television company bought the rights and widely promoted this tournament to fans. Then, with its glamor and drama and professionalism, the English Premier League became more and more famous and loved by all football  lovers around the world.

Initially, in the 1992/1993 season, there were 22 teams from England and Wales participating, with the first team to win the title, the Red Devils Man Utd. Around the 2000s, four teams known as the Big Four alternated to dominate the league title: Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. After that, Man City and Tottenham joined the race of the best teams on the Premier League playground and merged with the Big 4 to become the Big 6.


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Currently, each Premier League season starts in August every year and ends in May next year. Each season has the participation of 20 teams and applies a system of promotion and relegation parallel to the English Football League. Teams will play in a round-robin format with away and home matches. The position on the leaderboard is determined by the score after each round.

At the end of 38 rounds, the team with the highest score will be crowned the champion. The top 4 teams will get a ticket to participate in the European Cup and the last 3 teams will be relegated to play at the EFL Champion and the top 2 EFL teams and 1 playoff winner will be promoted to play in the Premier League.

English Premier League betting

After understanding the history of the English Premier League, let’s continue to learn about the types of odds on the Premier League.

Types of bets on the English Premier League

On the English Premier League table of bookmakers, each match has dozens of attractive odds for players to choose from. In particular, the 3 most popular types of bets that always appear on the table include:

  • European Handicap: also known as 1X2. In which, 1 is the home team, X is a draw and 2 is the away team. Players will have 3 options to win – draw – lose at this bet. The simplicity and ease to understand of European rafters are quite suitable for beginners.
  • Asian Handicap: more complicated when players need to understand the meaning of each type of handicap. In this bet, the top (stronger) team will accept the bottom (weaker) team to create a balance. The house on the basis of assessment will offer how much handicap for players to bet. Common types of handicaps are 1,2,3…left; ½ left; ¼ left; ¾ left;1 ½ left; 1 left…
  • Over Under: denoted by O/U on the rafters table. Accordingly, players instead of caring about who wins and loses, they only need to care about the total number of goals scored. Then, compare with the odds offered by the bookie to choose Big (if the prediction is higher) and choose Under (if the prediction is lower).

Các loại kèo cược Ngoại hạng Anh

Premier League betting tips today

To be able to win when betting on the Premier League today, do not forget to apply the following experiences:

  • Mastering the types of odds: learn and master all the concepts of the types of bets to be able to check the football odds today most accurately. Only when you understand the concepts can you choose the right bet.
  • Choose a reputable bookie: Learn about the bookie carefully before deciding to bet on the Premier League. You can consult the betting community or directly review and evaluate on the basis of criteria about a reputable online bookie.
  • A thorough analysis of the match: The basic rule before betting is to analyze the match thoroughly. Find out information from official sources about the 2 teams such as form, head-to-head history, starting lineups, tactics, injuries, cards, etc. Also, know how to select the right information for each type of bet. to analyze and make the best prediction.
  • Consult an expert: Nowadays, you can easily find pre-match opinions and predictions through e-sports newspapers, betting forums or bookmakers’ betting sites. reputation. Along with your own analysis and judgment, from there, you can choose the most accurate bet.
  • Choose the right match to bet on: Each round has 10 matches taking place, you can’t bet on all 10 matches, nor just put all your hands on 1 match. Instead, choose about 2-3 matches and check carefully to achieve the best effect


With the information we provide above, we believe that you will understand better about the English Premier League today and can start betting on the English Premier League online easily. Don’t forget to find yourself a reputable bookie to start Premier League bets and get huge prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I bet on the Premier League?

With the development of science and technology, you can easily bet on the Premier League at any online bookmaker operating today like Vwin, W88, 188bet, Fun88…. As the most popular football tournament on the planet, the Premier League betting odds are indispensable in the sports betting hall of the bookies.

2. Is it possible to win the Premier League bet?

With only football betting skills and a little knowledge of the English Premier League, you can win bets and make money playing Premier League betting.

3. Is online Premier League betting safe?

If you bet at reputable online bookmakers, you can rest assured with online bets because these bookmakers are licensed and managed by local government agencies. All information is secured with the most modern technology.