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One of the most famous European football leagues in terms of strength, discipline, and attraction is the German national championship, also known as the Bundesliga. Located in the system of the most attractive football tournaments on the planet, the Bundesliga really gives fans a lot of emotions. The matches between the top European teams are also a great playground for those who love online betting. Let’s find out the information related to the Bundesliga standings, Schedule and Bundesliga results

Bundesliga standings


The Bundesliga is the national football championship of Germany, commonly known internationally as the Bundesliga. According to statistics, this is the tournament that attracts the highest number of spectators to the stadium in the world. Along with other championship tournaments such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1, the Bundesliga is in the top of the most attractive football tournaments and is most loved by fans when the football season begins.

Starting in August each year and ending in May of the following year, the matches usually take place on weekends and are always watched by fans around the world via television. The winning team will be listed on the Bundesliga silver plate.

History of the Bundesliga

After World War II, German football resonated with the World Cup crown in 1954. However, after winning this cup, German football gradually fell into a recession when the German team suffered consecutive defeats at the following World Cup seasons as well as not winning any outstanding titles in the international arena.

After the war, Germany was divided into two territories, West Germany and East Germany. At this time, there is still no German football league that unites the whole country, but German football is divided into 5 small leagues with sporadic competition in each region. This is the reason why German football is going downhill. Before the above problem, on July 28, 1962, the Bundesliga football tournament was officially born in Dortmund and it was not until August 1963 that this tournament began to receive the attention of the fans.

The format of the match in the Bundesliga

Similar to other European national championships, the Bundesliga is played in a two-round format. There are a total of 18 teams participating with a total of 34 rounds. Compared to leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc., the Bundesliga has a smaller number of participating teams and fewer first rounds, however, the format and scoring method is the same.

Accordingly, for each win, the winning team scores 3 points, and the losing team does not score any points. With a draw, each team scores 1 point. After the match is over, the Bundesliga rankings will update the scores to decide the order of the teams. At the end of 34 rounds, the team with the highest score will be the winner. The top four teams will advance to the Champions League group stage. The 5th and 6th place teams will qualify for the Europa League. The bottom two teams will be relegated to Bundesliga 2, and the top two teams will be promoted to the Bundesliga. The 16th team will participate in the play-off against the 3rd place team of Bundesliga 2.

Soi kèo Bundesliga

Bundesliga betting

Every time the football season begins, football lovers are excitedly looking forward to, watching and betting on the super exciting matches of the Bundesliga tournament. Who will win, which team will be on the silver plate of the Bundesliga? How to win at German football betting? Let’s find the answer below.

Popular types of Bundesliga bets

On the Bundesliga table, you will always encounter many types of bets displayed at each match. In particular, there are 3 most popular and basic types of bets that you must master if you want to bet on Bundesliga matches.

European Handicap

It is the simplest and easiest to understand the type of bet, chosen by most new players to bet. Accordingly, players only need to make predictions about 3 possibilities of winning – drawing – losing at the match. With the symbol 1X2, equivalent to 1 is the home team, X is a draw and 2 is the away team.

Asian Handicap

Also known as handicap, Asian handicap is really attractive to any player. Compared to the European handicap, the Asian handicap is more complex and requires a clear understanding of the concept of each handicap. Some common handicaps are 1,2,3 goal; ¼ goal; ½ goals, ¾ goal…

The bookies will evaluate the strength of the two teams and give the corresponding handicap to create a balance for the two teams. Players with their knowledge will judge, choose the corresponding odds, and place bets.

Over & Under

Big Sic is a very interesting type of bet and is chosen by many players. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. What players need to predict at this bet is the total number of goals scored by the teams. The bookie will give a prediction number on the goal at the match. Players will choose Under if the total number of goals is lower than the house’s odds and Over if the prediction of the total number of goals is higher than the house’s odds.

The secret to winning Bundesliga bets

What players are most interested in when it comes to Bundesliga betting is how to be able to win all matches in this tournament. To make it easier for players to win bets, we would like to summarize some tips from the betting experts as follows:

Find out all about the 2 teams

Before you compare and choose a bet, make sure that you have learned all the information about the 2 teams. Then, analyze the data related to the bet you have chosen to place the correct bet. Some of the information that you need to find out when betting includes:

  • History of confrontation between these 2 teams in the past
  • Performance of each team in the last 5-10 matches
  • Current leaderboard position and last season’s finish
  • Line up
  • Goals set by each team.

Choose the right bet

Each Bundesliga match has many types of bets. Among those types of bets, choose for yourself a bet that is suitable for your ability and understanding. Besides, don’t put all the money on a single bet, and don’t put too many types of bets that will make you confused.

Consult experts

There are many reputable sports news sites that regularly make pre-match comments. There are also a lot of statistics and useful information for you to bet on. Or you can consult at football forums. You will find lots of accurate predictions and analysis from experienced longtime players.


Do not forget to apply the above betting experience to be able to win at all Bundesliga bets. Hope you will always make accurate predictions and win jubilantly with exciting matches at the German football championship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to bet on Bundesliga matches?

Find a reputable online bookie to make Bundesliga bets. Create a playing account, fund your account and access sports betting, choose the Bundesliga league to bet on. Some reputable bookmakers are highly appreciated by us such as Vwin, 188bet, W88, fun88 or V9bet.

2. Can I earn money when I win Bundesliga bets?

At online bookies, players will be paid bonuses to their playing accounts if they win bets right after each match ends. You can withdraw money to your bank account with many methods that the house supports.

3. Does Bundesliga betting cost anything?

Reputable bookies do not charge any fees other than the amount players deposit into the account to bet.