The most complete and accurate online World Cup betting guide

As the largest football tournament on the planet, held every four years, the 2022 World Cup is the most anticipated football event of the year. Right now, the bookies as well as the betting world have planned to prepare for a successful betting season. How to bet on the World Cup online? Let’s see the related information in the following article.

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What is online World Cup betting?

Online World Cup betting is a form of betting on World Cup matches in the form of online. Through online bookmakers for players to make bets, place bets as well as receive related rewards.

With the development of science and technology, online betting is more and more developed and popular because of its safety and convenience. With just a mobile phone or tablet, and a computer with an internet connection, players can bet on any World Cup match they like and receive quick rewards when they win the bet.

World Cup betting guide


How to participate in World Cup 2022 betting

For those who are new to online betting for the first time, it will be quite confusing not knowing where to start to participate in World Cup 2022 betting. Understanding this, we will guide you in detail with the steps:

Step 1: Choose a reputable bookmaker

Almost every online bookie offers World Cup 2022 bets (except for game portals that only specialize in online casinos). There are dozens of bookmakers present in the Vietnamese betting market with all kinds of quality. Choosing a reputable bookie is very important, helping you to have a safe and transparent playing space. Some criteria to choose a reputable bookie for the 2022 World Cup season are as follows:

Legal, fully licensed, and highly confidential for players

Supports a variety of transactions, ensuring convenience and speed in depositing and withdrawing

Scientific interface, easy to make bets.

Provide a variety of bets, high odds, attractive, and accurate.

Fast and enthusiastic customer service and support.

Many promotions for World Cup betting

You can refer to the reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of the bookies on some reputable news sites to choose the right bookie for you.

Step 2: Register a playing account and deposit money into the account

After you have chosen the bookmakers you like, you need to register for an account at that house. The playing account is considered private and personal property of you used to perform all transactions from depositing, withdrawing money, and placing bets at the house. The registration steps are quite simple, completely free, and take less than 1 minute to complete the steps with detailed instructions from the bookmaker.

After signing up for an account, you need to deposit money into your account. Deposits to help you place money on the bets you love. Each type of bet will have the prescribed odds, after each match ends, if you win the bet, the house will update the winning amount to your playing account.

Step 3: Click on the sports section, choose your favorite World Cup bet

At bookies, most of the World Cup betting will be in the football section of the Sportsbook (but some bookmakers have a dedicated World Cup bet in a separate tab on the homepage).

Click on the bookmaker’s Sports section

Click to continue betting on football, choose the World Cup tournament

Choose your favorite match

Check the odds carefully and place the bet you believe will win

Place bet amount and press bet to complete

Step 4: Get rewarded

At the end of the game, if you guess correctly, the house will pay the bonus to your playing account, then you can withdraw money to your bank account.

Above are the detailed steps of betting at the most reputable bookmakers today, depending on the bookmaker, there will be different steps, but basically, all follow the same principles as above.


Top 5 most popular World Cup bets

Also known as 1X2, is the most basic bet and is always shown on the house’s rafters table. There are 1×2 bets at each half and the whole match. European handicap is a simple type of bet and players only need to predict the outcome of the match according to 3 possibilities as follows:

1: corresponds to the bet that the home team wins

X: corresponds to the bet that the 2 teams are tied

2: Corresponding to the bet that the away team wins

More complicated than the European handicap, the symbol is Handicap, also known as the handicap. This bet is very attractive with a lot of odds such as the ball, ½, 1 ½, 1 ¾ … These handicaps are offered by the house based on the relative strength of the 2 teams. The bottom team after adding the handicap will be equal to the top team, players will choose to bet on the handicap according to their judgment about the match.

Over & Under

Another basic type of bet is the Over/Under, usually denoted O/U on the table. This is a very interesting type of bet and is loved by many players to bet on. Accordingly, players do not need to care about predicting who wins or loses, but only need to guess how many goals the two teams have scored. The dealer will give 1 number and the player chooses Under (U – Under) if guessing the number of goals is less and choose Over (O – Over) if guessing the number of goals is more.

This is a type of bet related to the number of penalty cards predicted to take place in the match. There are quite a few types of bets in the penalty card contract for players to choose from such as:

Penalty Cards Over and Under: the total number of yellow cards for both teams is greater or less than the number given by the house

Yellow card handicap: choose which team will accept a yellow card

Red card bet: predict which team will receive a red card, guess how many red cards will be drawn in the match

Touch card bets: guess if 1 of the 2 teams will touch 3 yellow cards or not…

Also known as Corners or corner trusses. Similar to the penalty card bet, this bet players only need to care about the number of corners that will take place in the match, regardless of the score of the match-winning or losing. There are quite a few types of bets on the corner bet offered by the bookie

Full-time Corners Over or Under: predict whether the total number of corners for the whole match will be above or below the number given by the house.

Full-time corner handicap: depending on the handicap offered by the house choose the handicap or the corner handicap

Corner bet 1×2: similar to European bets, players choose 1 of 3 bets to win – draw – lose

Even and Odd Corners Handicap: predict whether the total number of corners will be even or odd in the match

First Corner: predict which team will take the first corner

Last Corner: predict which team will take the last corner

Next Corner: takes place during the match and the player needs to guess which team will get the next free-kick.

No Corners: means offering a bet that there will be no corner kicks. This bet has a very high payout, but it happens very rarely.


Above is a pretty detailed guide on how to bet on the World Cup online. Right now, find yourself a reputable online bookmaker and master all types of bets and knowledge related to World Cup betting to prepare for a brilliant betting season. Wish you always good luck and success with all bets at World Cup 2022.

Frequently asked questions

Many bookmakers are operating in the Vietnamese betting market. However, choosing yourself as a bookmaker must depend on many factors. Based on the criteria of a reputable bookmaker, see what your betting goals and preferences are to choose the right bookie. Some of the leading reputable bookmakers can be mentioned today such as Vwin, W88, M88, Fun88, 188Bet…

Each bet has its characteristics. You must understand the meaning of each type of bet, based on the odds, your knowledge of the game, and your strengths in which bet type to choose the right type of bet for you.

Currently, there are two types of betting: online betting and traditional betting. With its advantages, online betting (or online betting) has gradually replaced the traditional form of betting and become a trend. It can be affirmed that online World Cup betting is extremely safe. Accordingly, reputable online bookmakers now have servers abroad and use extremely modern security measures.

Many players have gotten rich after each season of Betting. If you have the knowledge, judgment and skills, betting experience, winning bets at World Cup matches is not difficult. In addition, at the bookmaker, there are many attractive promotions to help players have the opportunity to earn extra income in addition to the winnings.

All reputable bookmakers now support online customer care 24/7. There are many ways for players to contact the bookmaker such as Facebook, phone, zalo, and Instagram…. In particular, the fastest and most convenient way to contact us is to live chat with a direct consultation box right on the homepage of the fish house. All your questions and concerns will be answered promptly by the consulting team.

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