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November 21 – December 18

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Fifa Worldcup News


Finally, Messi can say goodbye to Argentina proudly

The World Cup final that took place yesterday is certainly a match that has brought football fans around the world countless different emotions.

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Morocco – The most unpredictable team of this year’s World Cup

Morocco – The most unpredictable team of this year’s World Cup Betting all year round – all tournaments open DEPOSIT NOW TO GET 20 MILLION BONUS AT VWIN Bet Now

Pháp chứng tỏ được sức mạnh đương kim vô địch tại Qatar 2022

France still proves the strength of the defending champion

France still proves the strength of the defending champion Betting all year round – all tournaments open DEPOSIT NOW TO GET 20 MILLION BONUS AT VWIN Bet Now The race

iểu cảm ngơ ngác đáng yêu của hoàng tử Qatar khi đội nhà thua

Qatar spent billions to host the World Cup, but many fans left at halftime

Qatar spent billions to host the WC but many fans left at halftime WORLD CUP – REGISTRATION VWIN GET BONUS 88 WORLD CUP SEASON – REGISTRATION VWIN GET BONUS 88

đội hình chính thức tại World Cup 2022

The official squad list of the 32 teams in the 2022 World Cup

The official squad list of the 32 teams in the 2022 World Cup REGISTRATION VWIN GET BONUS 88 DEPOSIT NOW TO GET  BONUS 88 BET NOW The 2022 World Cup

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Sydney United

New South Wales NPL
July 21, 12:00 pm

APIA Leichhardt Tigers

Home 4.75Draw 4.33Away 1.52
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Wollongong Wolves

New South Wales NPL
July 21, 12:00 pm

St. George Saints

Home 1.47Draw 4.50Away 5.00
Bet Now

Central Coast II

New South Wales NPL
July 21, 12:00 pm

Blacktown City

Home 6.50Draw 5.00Away 1.35
Bet Now

Sydney Olympic

New South Wales NPL
July 21, 14:00 pm

Rockdale City Suns

Home 4.00Draw 4.00Away 1.68
Bet Now

Adelaide United II

South Australia NPL
July 21, 13:00 pm

Adelaide City

Home 3.00Draw 3.75Away 2.00
Bet Now

St. Albans Saints

Victoria NPL
July 21, 12:00 pm

Oakleigh Cannons

Home 9.50Draw 6.00Away 1.20
Bet Now


Division Profesional – Clausura
July 21, 3:00 am

Libertad Asuncion

Home 5.50Draw 4.20Away 1.52
Bet Now

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Vietnam Team

The Vietnam national football team represents Vietnam in international football and is controlled by the Vietnam Football Federation, the governing body of football in Vietnam. Vietnam was introduced to the sport by the French in the 19th century.

Brazil Team

The Brazil national football team, nicknamed Seleção Canarinho, represents Brazil in men’s international football and is administered by the Brazilian Football Confederation, the governing body for football in Brazil. They have been a member of FIFA since 1923 and a member of CONMEBOL since 1916.


Thailand Team

The Thailand national football team represents Thailand in senior international football and is controlled by the Football Association of Thailand.

England Team

The England national football team represents England in senior international football and is controlled by the Football Association of England .


The 2022 FIFA World Cup is coming, but it’s never too early to start planning your WC bets. Gambling on the World Cup is one of the biggest times of year for sports betting sites in the UK. Here is the guide to the best World Cup bets, bonus offers, including free bets and even promotional codes prepared by UK bookies and apps for all football bettors.

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Top 5 most popular World Cup bets

Also known as 1X2, is the most basic bet and is always shown on the house’s rafters table. There are 1×2 bets at each half and the whole match. European handicap is a simple type of bet and players only need to predict the outcome of the match according to 3 possibilities as follows:

1: corresponds to the bet that the home team wins

X: corresponds to the bet that the 2 teams are tied

2: Corresponding to the bet that the away team wins

More complicated than the European handicap, the symbol is Handicap, also known as the handicap. This bet is very attractive with a lot of odds such as the ball, ½, 1 ½, 1 ¾ … These handicaps are offered by the house based on the relative strength of the 2 teams. The bottom team after adding the handicap will be equal to the top team, players will choose to bet on the handicap according to their judgment about the match.

Over & Under

Another basic type of bet is the Over/Under, usually denoted O/U on the table. This is a very interesting type of bet and is loved by many players to bet on. Accordingly, players do not need to care about predicting who wins or loses, but only need to guess how many goals the two teams have scored. The dealer will give 1 number and the player chooses Under (U – Under) if guessing the number of goals is less and choose Over (O – Over) if guessing the number of goals is more.

This is a type of bet related to the number of penalty cards predicted to take place in the match. There are quite a few types of bets in the penalty card contract for players to choose from such as:

Penalty Cards Over and Under: the total number of yellow cards for both teams is greater or less than the number given by the house

Yellow card handicap: choose which team will accept a yellow card

Red card bet: predict which team will receive a red card, guess how many red cards will be drawn in the match

Touch card bets: guess if 1 of the 2 teams will touch 3 yellow cards or not…

Also known as Corners or corner trusses. Similar to the penalty card bet, this bet players only need to care about the number of corners that will take place in the match, regardless of the score of the match-winning or losing. There are quite a few types of bets on the corner bet offered by the bookie

Full-time Corners Over or Under: predict whether the total number of corners for the whole match will be above or below the number given by the house.

Full-time corner handicap: depending on the handicap offered by the house choose the handicap or the corner handicap

Corner bet 1×2: similar to European bets, players choose 1 of 3 bets to win – draw – lose

Even and Odd Corners Handicap: predict whether the total number of corners will be even or odd in the match

First Corner: predict which team will take the first corner

Last Corner: predict which team will take the last corner

Next Corner: takes place during the match and the player needs to guess which team will get the next free-kick.

No Corners: means offering a bet that there will be no corner kicks. This bet has a very high payout, but it happens very rarely.

The World Cup is a world football championship that is held every four years and is hosted by the international soccer federation FIFA. This is the tournament at the highest level and on an enormous scale globally, so it always attracts the attention of football fans around the world.

In 2022, we will see and follow the 22nd season of this top prestigious tournament. Accompanying each match, the bookmakers have also begun to plan to bring extremely attractive bets for bettors.

So, where should you participate in World Cup betting? That is a question that many people are interested in and want to find an exact answer.

With the mission to help you update information about World Cup betting quickly and continuously, was born.

Who we are? is a website that provides the fastest and most useful online World Cup betting information with thousands of visitors and followers every day. The site was founded with members who are leading experts in the sports and betting fields with extensive experience. In addition, we also provide many other useful information about betting, such as updating match schedules, World Cup odds, or attractive promotions to help viewers have a more detailed view. The website also regularly aggregates and evaluates the most reputable bookmakers in the market with the latest information and promotions, so you can bet with peace of mind. From there, helping players become more confident when entering the online entertainment industry.

Our goals include:

  • Support customers more conveniently in the process of finding a reputable and branded online World Cup betting site.
  • Quickly update the links and the easiest way to enter the bookie by computer or phone.
  • Detailed instructions on creating an account, logging in, or making a deposit/withdrawal for first-time customers.
  • Provide a list of unique promotions with great values corresponding to each different bookie.
  • Under the advice of a team of experienced experts, we will regularly update the World Cup odds table quickly with an extremely high accuracy rate.
  • Create a safe entertainment environment, and help customers avoid falling into fake websites that affect personal information data as well as personal financial resources.

Our website applies modern security technology platforms. In addition, our development team is always trying non-stop to bring the best benefits to customers, thereby becoming an ideal destination in the online World Cup betting market.

What we bring to you

World Cup Odds

Odds are one of the most important factors when you bet on football. And our website will provide you with this information quickly and accurately, helping you to increase your chances of winning. We always update the bookies’ information from 5 to 7 before each match in terms of judgment or betting odds. The website also clearly displays the odds of the matches taking place according to parameters such as Asian, European, Over/Under, etc. The information of the matches is continuously updated with the data up to the minute.

In particular, the information displayed is completely 100% free and is statistical data with very high accuracy. You can rest assured when the information is mostly gathered from the top experts, the probability of winning or losing in the past matches, and is supported by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the football betting field, ensuring accuracy with content that follows the match.

TV Schedule

Updating the regular and accurate match schedule is always a daily concern for football believers. Football matches in general and the World Cup, in particular, are always the information that fans expect and seek as quickly as possible. In order to meet and satisfy your needs, as well as help you to watch your favorite team in the most timely way, our website always updates the World Cup schedule accurately and quickly. The website fully lists specific time frames and dates, including teams competing against each other. Information is updated quickly and fully from small to large matches for the tournament rounds.

Match Results

The outcome of the World Cup match is always something that bettors care a lot about. And is a website that does a good job of updating match results to players. The website updates the news and scores of the match very quickly and accurately. One thing that people always choose is that, in addition to updating the results, we also work hard to update information related to the match. No matter where you are, you can watch any match around the world online. And an important thing that the website is always prioritized is that it supports English as well as other countries so that everyone can easily follow, enough to see the psychology and thoughtfulness of

Bookie’s World Cup Promotion

Promotion is the policy to retain players of the bookmaker. Each bookie has attractive promotions to encourage players. When participating in bets at bookies with high promotions, you will get a decent amount of initial capital more than other bookies. will help you synthesize and select the most attractive promotions of reputable bookmakers on the market today. From there, you can take advantage of these promotional offers when you are new to World Cup betting as well as casino at reputable bookmakers.

World Cup News

For football fans around the globe, following World Cup news has become one of the indispensable needs. A series of websites were born to bring fans closer to the World Cup to meet this need.

If you are looking for an electronic news channel about the World Cup and football matches, is the best site for you. We will help you grasp the fastest information. A special feature of this site is that we regularly publish impressive analysis articles by experts.

On the other hand, the website regularly updates the news quickly so that the audience has a lot of detailed information about the match. Viewers can also easily grasp information from many different objective perspectives. In addition, the sharp photos and videos of the website have brought you attractive videos and photos.

What’s more?

Participating in football betting, especially in the World Cup, is extremely easy today. There are dozens of betting sites rife with advertisements on social media. However, not all bookmakers are as reputable and good as advertised.

The development team of are all players with long experience in the field of online betting. Therefore, all information sources provided here have a certain meaning, helping players get closer to victory.

Not only using resources as tips or playing tips for many years, but also cooperates with many famous experts to share the most accurate bets corresponding to each match. For new players, there will certainly be a lot of confusion when placing a bet for the first time, but it will be solved at our site through countless useful articles from previous players who have possessed a lot of valuable experience.

Based on the available information, betting players can also search and evaluate reputable bookmakers on the market by themselves; choosing the right playing point is a solid foundation to conquer online betting. And that’s why was born and always tried to accompany players during the past time.

Wrapping Up

With a mission to help the betting community have a reputable platform to bet on the World Cup as well as provide information about the biggest football tournament on the planet, we definitely won’t let you down. Let us join in the excitement of the biggest football parties of the year and bet on your favorite team to win valuable bonuses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a rule, the World Cup is held every four years. In reality, however, the league was interrupted for two seasons (in 1942 and 1946) due to World War II.

Up to the 2018 World Cup, Brazil is the team that has won the most championships in the tournament’s history. Brazil has won the World Cup a total of 5 times in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002.

Football king Pele is the person who currently holds this record after winning three World Cups with the Brazilian team.

There are 16 countries that have hosted the event, of which 5 countries have hosted it twice: Italy (1934, 1990), France (1938, 1998), Brazil (1950, 2014), Mexico (1970, 1986), and Germany (1974, 2006).